It doesn't have a cancellation clause: Saints must pay what Colo Colo asks to bring to Valdivia


that Santos's interest from Brazil for Jorge Valdivia has alarmed more than one Colo Colo fanHowever, the eventual departure of the national team from the albo box will depend exclusively on the club, because it does not have a cancellation clause.

José Carlos Peres, the president of the São Paulo box, made the public interested in his institution for players who a few years ago knew how to shine on Palmeiras.

Remembering this, the possibility of emigrating from "Wizard" refers to the will of the Black and White, then, does not have a clause, it is the institution that decides whether to sell it and how much it costs.

In the club there are two visions in this regard. One, as shown La Tercera newspaper, is to defend the player because it is more instability of the team that needs to re-register the fans.

On the other hand, and according to information provided by El Mercurio newspaper, Colo Colo sector does not see with a bad eye to see income with the possibility of selling Valdivia which, also means stopping paying the highest salary from Chilean football actionsl.


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