Innovaton: The idea of ​​building a future Telethon News


Is it possible to think of an institution as a symbol as Telethon is outside his classic rehabilitation center, use technology to project your ability to help people with disabilities in the distance?

This is what they think in Claro Chile when they imagine the 2018 Innovaton. And to honor 27 hours of traditional television, they can't think of anything else: marathon session – or hackathon, as is known in the world of technology – where young developers put the best to create web platforms or mobile applications that, in addition to expanding the work initiated by Mario Kreutzberger in 1978, has a focus on innovation.

This is how this contest, during a full weekend, welcomes About 200 participants, among developers, who are responsible for interface design, creators of business models, mentors, judges, and family members of children who work at the Telethon Foundation and who support the definition of new ideas.

From dawn on Saturday 24 they were divided into 16 teams and, with the guidance of a mentor, They sent 48 hours of their time – walking and almost without sleep – on challenging weekends that challenged them to imagine Telethon as a telerehabilitation institution, with professionals who are able to maintain distance and users who can complete their recovery experience with their mobile, tablet or notebook.

Jury, led by Don Francisco himself, as well as Ximena Casarejos-director of Fundación Teletón- and important figures from digital transformation – such as Juan Pablo Cuevas, one of the founders of Cornershop, or entrepreneur Leo Prieto- responsible for choosing, in a very hard competition that includes three "sudden death" or elimination, to three winning initiatives.

So, for Sunday night, only six initiatives were still standing. The participants, at their capacity to build up, They take enthusiasm from anywhere. Shortly before the last note, It's easy to see outside the TVN contestant 1 studio who was exhausted from exhaustion, lying on a pillow in that place. But the call is enough, with a classic rock background, he ran to the stage to the spokesman for each team to leave the best of himself at the final presentation. The decision was difficult and the time the jury took in the discussion made it clear.

Finally, almost midnight, white smoke came out. The winners "Conectatón", project support management and detention networks for patients, relatives and medical teams; "Kinetón", an application that allows you to take recovery exercises through a mobile device; and "Fast", which allows rehabilitation of patients from afar.

The three won prizes of 2 million pesos, in addition to moving to a possible implementation stage, and opening the doors of Telethon for the next 40 years, where assistance for persons with disabilities far exceeds an institution, but accompanies them wherever they go, keeps them in communication and extends coverage to a level that was never imagined at the beginning of everything, in a distant place 1978


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