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Incredible: KINO draws 7,000 million pesos

"We have had successive accumulations that made this Sunday our July 14 the largest number of KINO history"So, conclude the Lottery Marketing Manager, Claudio Ossando, the illusion produced by the 2,191 lottery of the popular game.

"We look forward to the development of public interest, which from this day began to grow until it reaches Sunday," the executive added.

They are 7 billion pesos expected to be distributed in all additional categories and games, which makes the next game as SUPER KINO PICTURE.

Last week, and in October 2017, the accumulation reached 6.7 billion; Wednesday reached 6,800 million, but "This week we made history with the largest number".

"This is an opportunity win and fulfill all dreams of those who are winners, "said Lottery Marketing Manager.

7 cabal?

Everything is suitable to win: Son 7 BILLION PESOS, we are in the seventh month of this year and the draw is this Sunday – the seventh day of the week – and the number (14) is a multiple of 7.

Combinations that can be very interesting and interesting for those who consider the signal, chill, or ink that has luck, or the right opportunity to play and win.

And remember that everyone can win, every Wednesday and Sunday, and especially this Sunday, July 14 with SUPER KINO ACCUMULATION with 7 billion to be distributed in all additional categories and games.

In addition, it will be a special draw for winter holidays, because there are also 3 double trips to Brazil.

Only 2,000 pesos you can play Kino with ReKino, Chanchito Regalón, Combo Marraqueta and Chao Boss for Life with 500 thousand and 1 million pesos every month, forever.

KINO with 7,000 million can be played from computers, cellphones or tablets on the Internet The website; and you can also buy your cartons at all Lottery agencies and major supermarkets in the country.

The 2,191 draw is this Sunday, July 14 at 10:30 a.m., and you can follow it via streaming at

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