Increased oral cancer among young women in Santiago de Cuba makes the specialists alert


Cuban stomatology consultation. (TIME21)

Oral cancer has been the cause of the second death because malignant tumors in Santiago de Cuba and its increase, especially in young women, have raised concerns in the local medical community.

Oscar Zayas Simón, Second Degree specialist in Oncology and provincial coordinator of the Oral Cancer Control Program, explained to the official newspaper Sierra Maestra that this type of cancer "is one of the most common and also the most deadly".

Diseases "generally affect men more than women, and the main risk factors for their appearance are smoking habits, alcohol consumption, poor oral hygiene and are more common in people over 50 years."

Therefore, the current trend is a "worrying" situation, as acknowledged by Zayas, one of two stomatologists who specialize in Cuban Oncology.

"I recently received an initial report on the incidence of this disease and I am worried, especially by the number of women who have oral cancer." Tumors in the mouth cause mutilation and aesthetic problems, causing a lot of suffering and when diagnosed in the fourth stage. Survival is around five years, "he complained.

Specialists say it is possible to detect oral cancer early, if the population knows the symptoms and signs of the disease at an early stage.

"Doing oral self-tests well can determine the success of the treatment and for the life of the patient. When the appearance of spots and whitish ulcers or red, which have not been caused by injuries and which do not improve, need to go to the hospital immediately. doctor, "he warned.

"The person must observe and feel the lateral borders of the tongue and gums, lips, palate and mucous membranes, it is important to look for changes in the color and shape of these subsidies," he added.

According to Dr. Zayas, this disease has four stages. The first two stages can be cured, the third can or no, but the fourth is usually not, because in this case there is a larger tumor with metastasis.

"In Santiago de Cuba we are trying to reverse the current situation: we are diagnosing early 40% of cases, and our goal is to detect oral cancer when it can still be cured in at least 80% of cases," he said.

For doctors, "the problem is that most patients diagnosed at an advanced stage of the disease, are people who suffer from alcoholism and smoking, with poor oral hygiene, and who are often marginalized by family and society because of their status",

According to doctors, about 40 new cases are diagnosed each year, a number that does not include patients with tonsil tumors and the tongue.


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