In Peru they ensure that Alianza Lima has an economic agreement with Buonanotte: keep communicating with UC | Soccer


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Rodrigo Sáenz I Agency One

Unexpected in Peru they assured that the numbers Catholic University, Diego Buonanotte, I will have an agreement with Alianza Lima to become your new amplifier.

In the Fox Radio Sports edition in that country, one of the journalists revealed that & # 39; dwarf & # 39; will almost sign for the Alliance.

"In economic matters there is acceptance with Alianza, it is still necessary to solve the problem with Catholicism, which is the most complicated," he said.

Remember that new technician Catholic University, Gustavo Quinteros, He is amazed by Buonanotte's performance.

"He is at a very good level, in soccer training that we have done, I have seen it very well. He works very well, I see him very spicy near the area, very dangerous, he has a purpose, for something he is a printer the team's most goals last season. We intend to continue playing as close as possible to the opponent's area, "he said.


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