In Japan they believe that smart phones damage the vision of their students


In Japan they believe that smart phones damage the vision of their students

Dec. 25 2018 / Technology

The state authorities conducted a study that determined that the number of underage children with a vision that was lower than the standard was the maximum in its history.

New data shows that the vision of Japanese students has deteriorated in recent years. Not only that, the country's government believes that the one responsible is a smartphone.

In the Livedoor News they showed that the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducted studies in schools, between April and June of this year, which determined that the number of students with a lower vision than the standard score of 1.0 (equivalent to 20/20 vision) is the maximum in history of 25.3 per scientistor

The study also found that 67 percent of secondary school students and more than 34 percent of primary school students did not meet the requirements they requested to pass a visual examination. The Japanese government links the trend "with greater time aimed at watching smart phone screens" and the high use of mobile games, because this country is the third most important market in the world.

Although for now it has not been able to show that the increase in time ahead of the screen is damaging to the vision, the Japanese government follows warnings made in countries such as China. In the country they threatened this year to take steps to protect the views of minors, raise regulations about new releases or even limit playtime.

Meanwhile, France has banned the use of smartphones in schools this year.

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