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Ignore the negative feelings that destroy ourselves – 12/30/2018

Have you ever been advised not to be too sensitive? The world in which we live offers, at all times, more temptation to put aside feelings and get rid of pain. Listening to what our interior is trying to tell is difficult, and although in the short term it might seem like a good thing, it is a trap: by ignoring those messages, we suffer more in the long run.

Even though we think that everything happenedignoring the feeling of having a very high price and ultimately harmful to our body. When we move away, suppress or criticize ourselves for having feelings, health suffers. Exploring them and eliminating fear of feelings leads to the opposite. Feelings lead to healing.

Effects of avoiding feelings

In the words of psychologist Maria Súnico, the possible effects of ignoring, denying or avoiding negative emotions can be some, and nothing positive"It is possible that these emotions persist, that they deteriorate – that is, that they have more intensity, frequency or duration – or that we begin to manifest maladaptive behaviors to try to neutralize them. These behaviors can range from contemplation (reversing and continuous the same) to avoidance strategies (alcohol, drugs, drugs …).

Dealing with our emotions is the first step towards healing

Dealing with our emotions is the first step towards healing

A recent study by the University of Texas shows how, by avoiding our emotions, we really strengthen them, thus increasing our aggressiveness. This can produce many diseases in the body and mind, causing many health problems.

By suppressing emotions, we confuse and hurt our body in a deep way. Emotions affect our entire organism; Our bodies fight for our survival and try to keep us safe at all times. Even though we tend to think that not facing emotions puts us in a comfortable position, knowing how to react to emotions and process them can ultimately protect us from harm, both physically and mentally.

The suppression of negative emotions – anger, sadness, pain or frustration – has been linked to heart disease, autoimmune disorders, boils or digestive problems. Another study shows that Depressed feeling has a correlation with high cortisol – hormones released in response to stress) – and cortisol produces less immunity and increases toxic mindset. Over time, estress that is not treated or known can cause an increased risk of diabetess, problems with memory, aggression, anxiety and depression.

Acceptance is the key

Even though listening to our emotions is scary and we may feel strange, analyzing ourselves, educating yourself about the science of emotions and slowly gaining confidence means a big increase. From rejection to overnight reception, it may not be fully healthy.

For Súnico, the best we can do to fight negative emotions is accept thems. "Emotions occur, they occur, they may attack (sometimes painful), but they always end up disappearing. The strategies we play usually what they do is worsen negative emotions."

Dealing with our emotions is the first step towards healing

Dealing with our emotions is the first step towards healing

Following this advice, specialists propose simple exercises: "Next time you feel bad, stop for two seconds; recognize the emotions you feel (" there is sadness, "" there is anger, "" there is frustration "…), take a few deep breaths while you dedicate a few words of encouragement , compassion, and think about what happened. This is the first step from where I am sure you feel better. "

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