Saturday , May 8 2021

"I will retire from tennis"

At 22, Bastin Malla said that he finally began to enjoy tennis. That all the bad things I lived and that every hit that was broken made him mature and, above all, appreciated what he did.

"That's what I have to go through, what must happen to realize many things," he told "El Mercurio" at the start of Santiago's 2 nd debut (yesterday's victory in his first appearance to Argentine Juan Ignacio of Galarza, 398, for 3-6 , 6-4 and 6-4 at Las Brisas de Chicureo).

Nearly disappearing from national tense maps in recent years, after an extraordinary breakthrough in the junior stage with Christian Garn, left-handed Antofagasta has made his way to the futures circuit and tried to enter a bigger one, as his current ranking (475 ATP) forced him to follow the classification .

"Two months ago, Per's future was the beginning of this path, I will retire from tennis, but & # 39; Checho & # 39; (his friend Sergio Corts) came and started helping me with economic problems. That tour to Per. Ah I started to fight all points, gave nothing, and the results began to give ", said nortino.

Malla admitted that in August he had one of his worst moments: "When I arrived from Italy, where I had a very bad time: I stayed three months, I lost my money, I had to fight, ask for a lot of help, stay at home In the end I was able to go back to Chile and I spent four weeks at my house doing nothing, and & # 39; Checho & # 39; came to tell me that I could not waste my talent. "

– Feel that I wasted these past years?

"Someone never loses time, always learns from bad things, it helps me realize a lot of things, enjoying the field more than feeling all the pressure I produce, and now I want to enjoy."

-And don't suffer, because Garn Christian admitted that it happened to him.

"The same thing happened to me, and I thought more, because there was a lot of hope, there was a lot of pressure and we did not enjoy the junior moment, we demanded as if we were professionals, but we were children studying … I see my brother who is 16 years old now and he is a boy. "

-Do you want to imitate that?

"What he did this year was incredible: to win three consecutive challengers, he showed maturity and mental maturity, I was very happy for him and because this would help Chilean tennis, I didn't want to produce hope and pressure, but obviously I would like it Even if you create a lot of hope, you think you are very good, you start to have more ego and it destroys you later. "

– And think of the Davis Cup?

"I would be proud if they called me, I have never played."

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