"I don't know what religious practices teach you to lie so much"


The controversy about "abuse" given to nursing homes from Regazo Artists continues and is discussed in the new edition of the "Sin LĂ­mite" program by Radio Agricultura. Host Patricia Maldonado said she used information in the media to criticize Tatiana Merino and remember that it was Francisco Saavedra, who noted that the place was "baked."

"More than the artist's house is the chiva of the artist," said Maldonado, who called Merino to prove the evidence of the charges against him after the latter said that the singer was "dancing naked at La Moneda".

"I don't know what religion he practices so they teach him to lie," Patricia said, referring to Merino. "If you are going to tell me something, tell me something is right," said Maldonado, who said he had "newspaper basics" to verify that there was abuse of nursing homes.

Here you can listen to audio.


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