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The Catrillanca case continues to advance. On the one hand, prosecutor Jorge Abbott guaranteed that investigations to clarify the killing of members of the Camilo Catrillanca community were a priority for the Public Ministry.

Although the highest authority from the Prosecutor's Office assured Tuesday that there was still no certainty whether the young Mapuche shot was received directly or rebounded, that point had already begun to be clarified.

According to Radio source Bío Bío, the shot will not be direct, but the product rebounded at the tractor where Catrillanca left, which would reach the back of his head.

In particular, the Prosecutor's Office investigated the alleged investigation of five GOPE Carabineros personnel who participated in the operation in which Catrillanca died.

The investigated police personnel did not report ownership of the video camera during the procedure, in addition to claiming, one of them, was the removal of the storage card from the material captured by the camera.

Sebastián Brogca | Agencia UNO width =
Sebastián Brogca | UNO Agency

Yes, suspicion began to narrow. The latest expert report from the PDI revealed that the impact of the bullet came from a rifle carried by only two of the four Carabineros sergeants who participated directly in the operation: Fabián Alarcón and Raúl Ávila.

So things, the focus of the investigation began to be closed once again in the same direction that initially pointed to the child next to Catrillanca when he was killed, who actually aimed at Avila as the carabinero who removed the MicroSD card from the GoPro. after the procedure.

From the case of Catrillanca to Hurricane

At a glance, the other end began to give more signals about the Carabineros action about the 24-year-old youth. For uniforms, the name Catrillanca is nothing new: it is one of the targets mentioned in the 130 Carabineros Intelligence report submitted, the same thing that caused Operation Badai in 2017, in which eight Mapuche were finally detained and then left freed for alleged manipulation of evidence by uniformed police.

According to Ciper, the name Camilo Catrillanca appeared in the police organization chart, along with other leaders from the Mapuche Territorial Alliance (ATM).

As mentioned above, because of leadership he began training in the Temucuicui community since his high school in Ercilla, when the construction of the Municipality was taken in 2011.

"(Catrillanca) being followed by the Carabineros"

– Sebastián Saavedra, lawyer for the Defense and Southern Research Center.

Although this report does not link Catrillanca with any crime, observations were made regarding the link via social networking with Fabian Llanca, which is targeted as the leader of "criminal organizations" associated with "vehicle theft, trafficking in drugs, disorders, carrying weapons and ammunition , bombing drill trucks, houses and warehouses, and for murders frustrated with service carabineros ".

In addition to ATMs, the Carabineros appoints the Coordinator of Arauco Malleco (CAM), Weichan Auka Mapu (WAM) and Mapuche Resistance Malleco (RMM). They even mentioned the number of weapons available, whose registration sometimes coincided with alleged messages via WhatsApp among community members, which was presented as evidence in Operation Badai and from which it was proven wrong.

And political responsibility?

Mapuche leaders warn that this situation is a serious problem. "The Chilean State intelligence agencies are licensed by the Government to execute people from Mapuche, violating the right to life," accused the governor of the All Land Council, Aucan Huilcamán.

In the same line, he appointed a lawyer for the Southern Defense and Investigation Center, Sebastián Saavedra, because in this way it was proven that Catrillanca appeared as the objective of the Carabineros and ratified what was shown by some ordinary people on the day of the operation of one of the Catrillanca

"He was followed by the Carabineros, he said.

ARCHIVES | Hans Scott | UNO Agency
ARCHIVES | Hans Scott | UNO Agency

Because of this and other sides, 66 parliamentarians from various political sectors proposed in the House of Representatives requested a Commission for Inquiry, to clarify political responsibility in the killings.

This investigation will cover all matters relating to the way the Ministry of Home Affairs and Karabineros face the situation in the region: finance, technology, and human resources; intelligence policy and all things about the Carabineros and PDI.

Among the eight points included in the parliamentary body, he tried to investigate all the resources devoted to the operation called the "Forest Command" of Carabineros in La Araucanía, whose report will be prepared in no more than 120 days.


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