Humans face sticks and "lumazos" with carabiners on the roof of a house in Coronel


A tense moment of life on Monday afternoons in the population sector O & Higgins, at Colonel, when a man faces several carabineros on the roof of a house.

27-year-old subject was criticized by intrafamily violence after arriving home where he threatened his parents with death.

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Before this, police officers arrived at the place, so, to avoid arrest, the man climbed the roof with a piece of wood and began intimidating them.

In the video it appears that one of the carabineros threw "luma" at him, the object that the man took and also used to threaten and immediately confront one of the police cash

After a blow exchange, one of the Carabineros managed to defend the individual.

According to Radio Biobío, who quoted police information, the man was under the influence of drugs and had several criminal records.

This Tuesday leads to detention control.

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