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How much lithium is valuable? questions asked in the US

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the ultra-light metal "opaque" market creates losses for buyers worldwide.

"What is the price of lithium?" requested an article published yesterday in the American Wall Street Journal newspaper, which contributed to the efforts of various actors to reveal the value of metals, vital in making batteries.

"Car manufacturers, batteries, smart phones and computers have struggled in a race to ensure lithium supplies from large producers such as Albermale, the largest lithium mining by volume, and Chemical and Mining Society of Chile (SQM), number two." that Apple, Samsung and Tesla are among the most prominent metal consumers.

"The increase in demand has triggered efforts to bring transparency to prices." Some companies that follow raw materials, such as Benchmark Mineral Intelligence and Fastmarkets – formerly known as Metal Bulletin – have expanded their efforts to monitor the price of ultra-light metals. S & P Global Platts began publishing lithium prices this year, "he added.

The newspaper also reported that since lithium was not listed on global stock exchanges, such as gold or silver, buyers "suffered losses when negotiating with producers." Secrecy, said the source and analyst who was consulted by the WSJ, was used by mining companies.

WSJ contacted Albemarle and SQM; While the former refused to comment, an anonymous spokesman for the second said that the idea that the company opposed price transparency was "incorrect."

Read the complete WSJ article here.

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