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Horoscope according to Monday, November 26, 2018

Wide margin to be able to rest after doing their job on time and well. Circuits in the family can have some friction that must be corrected. Emotional help before personal problems. Company

Moment: forget green.

A single day with several psychic ups and downs to look for certain answers with people who share the work area. Rationalizing emotions is not something that sacrifices mental bullfighting, at this time, it is appropriate to do it.

Moment: beach color.

Will know how to make decisions today with confidence and certainty in mind. Search and find something new for your life projection. Emotional and affective achievements for positive situations in the family environment.

Moment: tan.

It's a tiring day for small crabs who, when busy and confused, can make things more complicated. Try to separate emotions from the mind and continue without fear of being wrong. Concentration and criteria.

Moment: white.

The sun shines in the minds of independent leonines, who succeed in summing up the old situation in the family. Try at the same time to feel the responsibility that is up to others, let them grow.

Moment: light steel color.

Family problems carry certain complications. Try to give up the responsibility to do everything, or commit to bringing what is called a stick. No need, let others make mistakes.

Moment: chrome.

This is a day with a clear and clear mind to be able to properly analyze the course that must be followed. There are dreams that are not fulfilled, but ideas that can succeed. Librans' hearts today have the possibility of starting a new one.

Moment: fuchsia.

A trip to taste Scorpio who always cares for the needs of others. They reach a certain perspective on the situation that must be corrected. Stable health, with the need to walk.

Moment: green forest.

Mixed feelings and seeking truth in the face of partner relationships. No need to spice up anger or emotional disturbances, dialogue is the way. Relaxing meetings and disorders.

Moment: colored corn.

Know that not always at work is valued the large capacity we have. We are not always given the right things, but we can always fight and have the hope we deserve. Wisdom and understanding

Moment: turquoise.

He has a feeling of anxiety and worry that gives you a generic day with emotional ups and downs. Thinking that it's not bad sometimes to sit and think and argue with yourself. Decision and freedom to be yourself.

Moment: Indigo.

Try to rationalize that the burden of responsibility should not burden us. Know and do extreme sensations, which only make us confused and change the peace we all deserve. Be a part of calm.

Moment: amber.

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