Hidden Keys to Truth, night telescopes


Last December, "Verdades Ocultas" teleseries by Mega 13 became a trending topic on Twitter, becoming the most commented on social networking programs during the afternoon block.

This figure shows the commotion caused by this melodrama written by Carlos Oporto and directed by Felipe Arratia under the supervision of María Eugenia Rencoret, which began in July 2017 with the story of a mother selling one of her daughters to save another

With 379 half-hour chapters, VO has become the longest series produced in Chile, where it usually lasts between 100 and 120 episodes; reaching record records such as "Rebelde" Mexico (450) or Colombia "I am Betty the Ugly" (338).

In one and a half years on air, fiction that began at 3:20 tonight had a success rating of 19.9 points, equaling its predecessor Amanda. And if set, Mega's bet has been the most watched program in the last few weeks, according to figures from Time Ibope, beating Casa de Muñecos and Isla Paraíso, also Mega.

"The hidden truth has the elements that make it unique not only because it is the longest that has been exhibited in Chile, but because of the extraordinary success it has made us as a team to do different exercises: keep writing to extend the story and with him We must make new changes and turns in unusual plots in normal telescopes 120 or 140 chapters. This is a very different fiction than what we usually do and is a challenge to continue to do it; we have integrated new characters and developed new conflicts that allow us to maintain detained hearings, "said Sábado Patricio López, producer of soap operas.

Four are the pillars that explain the success of the so-called "endless teleseries".

– pure melodrama: The telescope began with the drama of two separate sisters because their mother sold one of them to a millionaire family. This conflict starts a series of dramatic knots tied together, tied or cut suddenly, in the new version of the Caribbean drama, including facial surgeries, missing guaguas, impunity criminals, impunity criminals, disabled people, and more.

– New face: of the 15 actors who formed the original cast, currently only 6. The first major change came with the protagonist himself, Carmen Zabala (Agustina) who came out of the screen for her pregnancy, was replaced by Javiera Díaz de Valdés. As a justification, it was shown that the character underwent facial surgery.

– Realism: A total of more than 10 characters have died, a death that marks development and gives dynamism to the plot. For that we added 9 who had gone south or exited Chile, resulting in continuous changes to the players, giving freshness and newness.

Criminals: the strong point of melodrama is the villain, and in this case, there is a prize. Starting with Agustina Mackenna, passing Muriel, María Luisa, Gabriela or Pedro, but who received applause was Leonardo (Carlos Daz), a psychopath and a former police killer who was obsessed with Agustina.


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