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Health in Valparaíso: This is the emergency plan of Carlos Van Buren Hospital for this new year

A complete emergency plan has prepared Carlos Van Buren Hospital in Valparaíso, in the framework of the End of Year Celebration, days where it is estimated that the arrival of one million tourists to the Port City.

In this case, the main Hospital of the San Antonio Valparaíso Health Network has prepared a complete emergency plan, which involves reinforcements in shifts and available personnel.

100% prepared

e responsive The emergency care team will have additional support. / Politeness

Mauricio Cancino, Deputy Medical Director of the Porteño Health Center said that for this celebration at the end of the year "our hospital is ready for 100%. We have made an emergency plan where our Emergency Unit for Children and our Adult Emergency Unit will be strengthened."

"As well as our Critical Unit, to pay attention to the huge demand of the population in Valparaiso, both the permanent population and the thousands of tourists who visited us at the party later this year," he said.

Importance of Van Buren

It should be noted that Van Buren Hospital is the only public health emergency facility located in the city plan, which becomes more important when tourists and visitors are concentrated in this city area, so the Enclosure is in a privileged location when facing an emergency.

"The population must be calm because our hospitals have specialized personnel at all levels, both doctors, nurses, and paramedic technicians to provide timely attention to medical emergencies that arise in the population. The Health Network will operate 100%, both Sweep, High Resolution Services (SAR) and our Carlos Van Buren Hospital Emergency Unit in Valparaíso, "concluded Deputy Medical Director.

First: self care

Finally, from the Health Center they asked residents to encourage self-care, eliminate responsibility while driving, call not to drink while driving, be careful when traveling on public roads to avoid accidents.

In addition to avoiding consultations for small situations, recommend going in that case to SAPU, so that the Hospital can dedicate itself to attending fundamentally to patients with serious or life-threatening risks.

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