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"He made me jealous of Luis Fonsi"

In yesterday's episode "We can talk"From Chilevisión, some guests declassified hidden information about their lives, but what stands out is the numerologist Kenita Larrain.

As expected, driver Julian Elfenbein launched Larraín's intimate question: "Is it true that Luis Miguel was jealous because you danced with Luis Fonsi?"

Hearing this, Kenita explained: "Yes that's right, they asked me for an explanation. It came out in the first Peruvian press, the first to speak was someone from an international competition, but he said that we would kiss Luis Fonsi, who was wrong"

"Not macho, it's good to ask me, I'm telling the truth, that the kiss is fake and that if I really come out to dance"He added later.

Here you can see fragments:

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