He hit them with his vehicle to prevent theft


At this early Thursday, Rosa Oyarce, Metropolitan Area Health Seremi, Is a victim of Portonazo's efforts at his home located in the municipality of San Miguel, in the El Llano sector.

The incident occurred when the official came to his house, when he was intercepted by six strangers who looked at his face.

"When the princess starts to open the gate, intercepted by vehicles with porlarized glass, from which down six young individuals to open faces ", reported the Carabineros captain, Luis Segura, according to 24 Hours.

At that time, intimidated with weapons, Oyarce confronts the attackers and crashes them with his truck, though without crashing into them, thus avoiding theft of their vehicles and escaping.

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Segura officially shows that health authorities he reacted "to nervousness, because those individuals intimidated him"

Shortly after that, Health Seremi spoke with the press to present their testimony of what happened: "They are about 20 years old boys, they run to cars and I reverse. Previously they lost me because of the pedal and this time, I said, & # 39; the same thing wouldn't happen to me & # 39 ;. What I do is put the opposite, get out and attack and hit the car (subject)"

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"I hit the car and people like them tried to start, but I returned the car and they went down again, but I took the speed to hit them again, and there they started"He added.

Oyarce takes advantage of making calls to the community: "We, the people, must also be able to face this situation and not just leaving the Carabineros for this job. This is also a neighbor's work. Neighbors all leave, immediately (…) We cannot allow evil to happen to us. "


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