Saturday , October 16 2021

He has a career and life

Benjamín Vicuña gave an interview to the magazine "Caras" where he consulted about his relationship with China Suarez, with whom they became parents less than a year ago.

"China brings light and magic to my life"The actor said, implying that relations with his ex were not good at all.

Notor "Pamela in the afternoon" crossed into Pampita on the street and asked how she felt when reading the words of the father of her four children. "I never thought of my children's father"he said briefly.

"I don't think because I don't like that the press can do something that affects my relationship with him as the father of my children. I don't know what you imagined but I don't want to clarify it because I don't want to make Benjamin's notes because I really respect him. He has his career, his life and only he can talk about things. That doesn't suit me"he concluded.

How would you accept such a statement from your ex-husband?

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