Hantavirus kills more without information


A little less than a thousand kilometers is between Epuyén, the city of Chubut where the most severe varieties of hanta broke out, and Concepcion, the city of Chile whose university developed a vaccine to fight viruses and treatment for the disease. On Wednesday, one and a half months after the first death, the Secretary of the Nation's Health, Adolfo Rubinstein, was in the Chubut mountains right when the doctor in Biological Sciences Oliberto Sánchez, from the University of Concepcion, wrote to him a note where he made himself available to offer the antidote.

Chile is a unitary state. It has national ministers for each region and "ministerial regional secretariat," which everyone knows about its abbreviation Seremi. Argentina has a National Health Secretary but the subject is occupied by the province and there is no federal strategy for serious social problems like this from hantavirus or for others, such as the secondary school crisis, for the case.

It is very difficult to isolate a virus outbreak. There is no border that filters it, especially if it is transmitted by animals and their human carriers, which spread it in the air.

The tension of the hanta that lives in the cordilleran region of Río Negro (and the entire region) is transmitted from person to person, something which, if we know for sure, only a few know.

Still in evidence of a lack of terrible information, there are now eleven dead, 29 people reaching and many suspected cases.

Although there are in Río Negro, Neuquén and Chubut where the virus is the most dangerous, there is no national laboratory here to study hanta. Chile has it, precisely, in Concepcion, one of the largest cities in the south of the country.

The doctors

In the Argentine Society of Infectology and the Malbrán Institute there are well-known specialists, but in areas affected by the spread of hanta there are other people who coexist every summer with those affected by the virus. Giving their names the same as their compromise (they did not even leave publicly with their complaints) but there was inconvenience in the medical community of Bariloche and El Bolsón due to a lack of consultation with those who had been in trenches for the care of patients with hanta years.

President Mauricio Macri spent this week at Chubut. In Puerto Madryn he opened wind farms and went on excursions to watch dolphins. On the other side of the province there is an outbreak of hanta, but it doesn't talk about it.

Wisky and Barbeito

El Bolsón had a hanta outbreak 22 years ago. National representative Cambio Sergio Sergio Wisky is a doctor in the city. When he realized that he had a virus, he told Carolina Guasco, who was his wife at the time, to take him to the Castro Rendón hospital in Neuquén, where he lived.

Wisky made a political career in radicalism: he became mayor of El Bolsón and government official Miguel Saiz. In fact, he owed some of his health to a former minister and former candidate for governor César Barbeito: in his car he went to Neuquen to be treated in November 1996.

Blessed by President Macri, who received it on his long vacation at Villa La Angostura, Wisky won wrestling for the mayor of Cipolletti, Anbal Tortoriello, who anointed his relationship with Alberto Weretilneck in recent weeks.

The governor denied it, but because Juntos was unsuccessful in having a candidate at Cipolletti, the idea of ​​betting on the re-election of Tortoriello was getting stronger, especially because in Juntos no one was encouraged to run as a candidate.

Weretilneck has until February 15 to register his candidacy as a re-elected candidate. Between the date and the April 7 election, 51 days will pass: is this an adequate period for the Judge to be issued in three possible examples: Electoral Justice, the High Court of Justice and the Supreme Court?

Campaigns and investigations shone by their absence in Argentina, while Chile developed vaccines and tried treatment for patients.

Wisky, candidate for governor of Macri in 2019, was rescued 22 years ago thanks to his friend César Barbeito who drove him to the Castro Rendón hospital in Neuquén.


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