Half Spain highlighted Christmas "details" from Vidal which involved him even more with Barcelona Sports


Arturo Vidal He continued to receive loas in Spain, although this time it wasn't because he played a good game or a character in the match Barcelona, if not for "details" leaflets displayed in Christmas publications published on Instagram.

"Merry Christmas for all and lots of blessings"Is the message posted by the Chilean midfielder next to a photo with their children, which in addition to producing congratulatory messages, finally attracted attention in Spain.

Why this happened? The Sport de Catalunya newspaper highlights "more Catalan details and unexpected from congratulations from Arturo Vidal", referring to the key object of the Catalan Christmas tradition called" Caga Tió ".

"Small log in the lower right. Yes, that is Caga Tió. Key element in the Catalan Christmas tradition and that Chile has wanted to adopt it from its home country. Another example of the commitment Vidal obtained with his new club, "said the publication.


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