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Fortnite's best moment in 2018

Fortnite has become a clear dominator in 2018. The title Epic Games has conquered many gaming communities and has been rated as the most watched on Twitch and one of the most played.

For this reason, now that we have said goodbye to that year, we have prepared a special compilation of Fortnite, which owns challenge at least maintain level in 2019, something that won't be easy to remember where he left the bar in 2018.

In the Fortnite scene there are two exact names that stand out above the others: Tyler & # 39; Ninja & # 39; Blevins and Turner & # 39; Tfue & # 39; Tenney. They have become the best known face of this video game during 2018.

Ninja has become the most famous content maker in the world and has reached 5,000 wins at Fortnite. For its part, Tfue is for many of the best players, as he showed during the Skirmish Fall.

That's why this year's best compilation at Fortnite I cannot leave these two figures. Here are some difficult moments to forget:


Although the company has repeatedly stated that its main purpose is not to enter the world of electronic sports, the reality is that we have seen the first Fortnite tournament.

It is true that they have experienced certain failures which must be increased for 2019, but things have also been done well in them; we cannot ignore events like Skirmish Fall or Winter Royale.

In short, Fortnite has given us some unforgettable moments, hours of fun and impossible play.

Now Epic Games has a new adventure going forward: to make 2019 as spectacular as 2018. The challenge is not easy, but they have all the ingredients to achieve it.

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