Fortnite was given this year's Esport revelation at Esports Awards


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Esports' popularity in recent years has grown exponentially, to the point where they have been considered professional sports in several countries, this growth has fostered competition in the field, leading to awards such as the annual Esports Awards in Europe.

The notion of respect for esports emerged in 2004, when there was no League of Legends anymore, one of the most popular games, for years the ceremony had given awards to new categories, such as journalism.

This year the award ceremony was held in London, although it was generally held in Germany and the main candidate for removing all prizes was Fortnite, it was impossible to say that we had not heard from him, he had set a record, they all played and it became very popular.

* Esports's anonymous hero this year: Milos & # 39; Faceit Mikey & # 39; Nedeljkovic.

* Videographer Year Esports: Davis & # 39; Hitch & # 39; Edwards.

* This year's photographer: Helena Kristiansson.

* Streaming Platform of the Year: Twitch.

* Esports Game revelation this year: Fortnite.

* Rookie Player at this year's Console: Kenny Williams.

* Player Rookie on PC of the Year: Gabriel & # 39; Bwipo & # 39; Rau.

* Esports coverage website: ESPN.

* Esports year journalist: Jacob Wolf.

* The best Esports team of the year: Astralis CS: GO.

* This year's Sports Support Agent: A Growing Talent Agent.

* Esports year business partner: Intel.

* Hardware Provider for Esports: Nvidia.

* The best step of the year: Attach it.

* Direct Sports Events of the Year: Overwatch League Grand Final 2018.

* Sportscaster of the Year commentator: Maven.

* Esports Year Publisher: Blizzard.

* Esports Game Year: Overwatch.

* Sports Personality of the Year: Ninja.

* Streamer of the year: Ninja.

* Best PC Player of the Year: Oleksandr & # 39; s1mple & # 39; Kostyliev.

* Best Player Console of the Year: Mossad & # 39; MSdossary & # 39; Aldossary.

* Esports of the Year Organization: Cloud9.

Although as in all awards, the criticism was not lacking and the purports of esports were launched against the decision Fortnite as a sport, because in the most practical sense the definition does not meet the "requirement" to be called esport.

Another controversial decision is multiple awards for streamers Ninja, because in the last few months its success because Fortnite has been questioned. For the support you receive from Epic Games, because many consider that their relationship with the game is more a commercial agreement than a taste.

But they say that the public is wise and there are many voices coming from esports fans all over the world, there is an answer why Fortnite got this good result in the award.

Tell us what you think, do you think it's just a gift as an esports personality for Ninja? What winner will you change? Do you want to see some awards from this style in Latin America?

Editorial: Esports. / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Coverage


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