Saturday , October 23 2021

Fortnite: Christmas program that might leak in videogames


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With the chance of the Christmas holidays getting closer and Fortnite wants to entertain all of his followers. Apparently the famous video game will have a map with several places with snow in a charismatic day style.

This rumor happened a few days ago when several users reported something different in the game. They watched several clouds approaching the Fortnite map and this seemed to bring a snowstorm that would leave snow.

To increase suspicion, this Friday, account FNBRLeaks filtered through his Twitter account some game files that have content references related to the Christmas period where snow effects are found for certain places on the map.

Even though this is only a rumor. Epic Games, a well-known developer of battle games, hasn't made an official event yet. However, fans of the video game are looking forward to the surprise of the company.

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