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Fortnite Challenge – Where to find posts?

that outposts from Fortnite Battle Royale is one new thing from the stage during Season 7 hers Battle Pass. Knowing your location is needed to complete a challenge from Week 4 from the seventh season Fortnite. This challenge says that: Eliminate enemies at outposts. As the name suggests, we must liquidate enemy players in these places.

Where to find posts in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Then we leave you a map with all posts that we found on the big map Battle Royale from Epic game. It's possible that we've ignored some, even though in theory you only need to know the location of one of them.

fortite battle royale week 4 season 7 challenge to eliminate enemies at the outpost
Location of Fortnite Battle Royale posts

To complete the challenge, we must kill a total of three enemy players throughout a number of games in any game mode while we are near one of these outposts, or in it. This task may be easier to do if we play a limited time mode with a large team and / or goal, such as Team fights o Food War.

fortite battle royale week 4 season 7 challenge to eliminate enemies at the outpost
We kill enemies at the outpost

When we write this news, on December 27, the Food War limited time mode is active, although it will last a maximum of several days, because this mode rotates during these dates for the event. 14 days Fortnite. It's possible to solve this challenge in normal game modes (solo, duet, squadron), although, as we say, we might have more luck on the big MTL team and where there is a goal to take or destroy, like Food War

fortune battle royale food war
Food War is a great game mode to try to solve this challenge

However, if when you play with the normal way you meet enemies at the outpost, kill them to complete this weekly challenge.

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