Sunday , January 24 2021

For more than two hours, the charges were extended due to disputes at the Supervisory Office

For more than two hours, the allegation will settle if it is the Constitutional Court Chamber of the Supreme Court Dorothy Pérez will again occupy the position of subcontractor.

Lawyers have won the first battle in the Santiago Appeals Court which was unanimously described as an illegal dismissal ordered last August by a financial watchdog Jorge Bermúdez, who appealed to the highest court for this final decision.

On behalf of the financial supervisor, the president of the National Defense Council (CDE) debated before the Supreme Court María Eugenia Manaud, who was asked to cancel the verdict before insisting that the financial supervisor's decision was legitimate.

"This will be the only case in Chile that has such a privileged situation, even the President of the Republic, or the authority of the State, or the state administrative organism, or the nobility who has the most privileged position. , I emphasize, it is deviant, "said Manaud.

Defense subcontractor defends court decisions

In many ways, the defense of Dorothy Perez was asked to defend the failure of the Santiago Appeals Court and insisted that the position could not be changed.

Lawyer Ciro Colombara He also questioned the lack of clarity regarding the reasons for his dismissal, discarding that he had some sort of relationship with a fraud case at the Carabineros.

"Regarding inconsistencies, version changes and uncertain behavior of respondents. This is given in an elliptical manner, not directly and correctly so that there will be some kind of responsibility or participation in this deception to the Carabineros and I want to state clearly and clearly that this is a lie, it is wrong, "he said.

Perez was present on the charges and only said that we had to wait for a legal decision.

Before the trial, Comptroller Bermúdez ruled out releasing his position regardless of the Supreme Court's decision.

"We are calm, waiting for this to be revealed according to plan and then waiting for the Court's decision"he commented.

"I believe that management is being run in a good way, in fact the number of Supervisory Offices shows this and the relevance of the institution has been demonstrated, as well as the willingness to collaborate with other countries," he said.

He also stressed that "we must not forget that in my case, I was elected for a period of eight years and unanimously by the Senate, which is more than enough to show that there is no reason to think otherwise."

The decision was approved and will be known in the coming weeks.

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