Foods that damage your brain


If you eat some of these foods, it is best to train your brain by solving puzzles that ask you to change the perspective of a situation or problem.

1 Sugar Long-term sugar consumption causes neurological problems, affecting memory and learning ability.

2 Caffeine It's true that it helps your brain to be alert; However, it can cause headaches, increase levels of anxiety and sleep disorders. Taking it in high doses can cause hallucinations, confusion and, in extreme cases, death.

3 fried foods. Fried food destroys nerve cells in the brain, affecting our ability to learn and form new memories.

4 Processed foods. This type of food contains a lot of sugar, fructose, sodium, and trans fat; which affects the central nervous system and increases the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's.

5 Fast food. Some studies have shown that fast food causes changes in brain chemistry, among the consequences of which is to feel the same symptoms as during withdrawals, such as anxiety and depression. It also affects the production of dopamine, a hormone related to learning ability, motivation, and memory.

6 Artificial sweeteners. In the long run, they cause brain damage and deficiencies in cognitive capacity, Informe21 said.

7 Fructose. This inhibits brain function and cells, which are needed to store energy and the learning process and mind.

8 Monosodium glutamate. Also known as GMS is used as a flavor enhancer, especially in Chinese food. This affects brain chemistry because too many cells are exploited. Excessive intake can cause headaches, fatigue, disorientation, obesity, depression, and diseases such as Huntington and Alzheimer's.

9 Trans Fat A study published in the journal Neurology shows that trans fat is related to brain contractions. They also slow down our reflexes, our ability to respond to the brain and increase the chances of suffering a stroke.


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