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Fireworks from Arica to Punta Arenas: a place where you can enjoy New Year | National

It will come New Year's Eve and both throughout and throughout the country, there are several cities that will offer their neighbors and visitors, pyrotechnic show to receive 2019 with everything.

Especially cities that, with prior approval from their respective city councils, have the necessary resources to carry out fireworks at the strategic points of each city.

Also, some communes will have it mitigation measures to reduce the impact of firework noise on pets, especially in dogs.

In most cases, the fireworks show will start at 00:00 and last between 10 and 23 minutes.

Check below the list several main places where you can enjoy fireworks:

Big North

In the city Arica celebrations will be concentrated in the coastal sector – between the city port and Chinchorro Beach – and in the city center San Miguel de Azapa. The two pyrotechnic shows will begin at 00:00 on January 1 and will last for 15 minutes as confirmed by the city government.

Kilometers further south, on Tarapacá Region, Iquique This will be one of the cities that will illuminate the night with fireworks techniques. In the commune, pyrotechnic performances will be held at Cavancha Amusement Park (Playa Cavancha) starting at 00:00 on January 1 and will last for 15 minutes.

In addition, the night will be accompanied by the appearance of a famous national singer, "Américo".

The novelty is that the municipality of Iquique, has mitigation measures to avoid the effects that are usually caused by events like this in pets. Therefore, a few minutes before the New Year will be launched 3 sound bombs to "prepare" animals for the show.

In the same area, commune Alto Hospicio will also have a flower technique from 00:00 on January 1. This event will take place at Taman Los Cóndores from the city and will last 16 minutes.

Parallel in Antofagasta, New Year's pyrotechnic performances will take place in 15 minutes and will be launched at Autoclub, Balneario Municipal, Cerro El Ancla, El Trocadero Spa and La Chimba sector starting at 00:00 on January 1.

In both Atacama Region, the celebration will focus Copiapó, the city will have 5 official launch points for pyrotechnic materials: the San Pedro, Cerro La Cruz, Palomar, Paipote, and Cerro Capi sectors.

This last point is the highest in the city and does not have access to a vehicle, so explosives are installed helicopter assistance managed by the municipality.

All performances in Copiapó will begin in parallel 12:01 hours on January 1 and will last around 16 minutes.

North Chico

In the Coquimbo region, some communes will allow to enjoy this type of performance: La Serena, Coquimbo and Vicuña are some of them.

Sign in La Serena there will be two launch points. The first is located in the Avenida del Mar sector, assembled 500 meters offshore; in front of the Los Lúquumos road and in front of the Los Nisperos road, with a duration of 20 minutes.

In addition, there will be a launch point in the rural sector in Indonesia Algarrobito (from the nearest hill), which will last 10 minutes. Both shows will start at 00:00 on January 1.

In the commune Coquimbo Launch points are Guanaqueros, Tongoy, La Herradura, Tierras Blancas (Urban Park) and Playa Changa starting at 00:00 on January 1. At Pantai Changa the fire will last 20 minutes and at other points the commune is only 10 minutes.

Sign in Vicuna the sky will be illuminated for 25 minutes from Cerro La Virgen in the city and from the cities of Rivadavia and Talcuna at 00:00 on January 1.

Valparaíso region, classic

At this point New Year's symbol they are fireworks that cover the coast of the Valparaíso region and this year will not be an exception, despite the dangers that exist with the threat of mobilized port workers.

This new year there will be 18 launch points spread across the sea, from where the fireworks will be launched from 00:00 on January 1: nine launch points at Valparaíso, eight in Viña del Mar and three in Concon.

As is already the tradition, there are several buildings along the regional coast where you can rent a balcony to enjoy show. Also, hotels facing the sea offer dinners that allow you to see pyrotechnic shows with views that are difficult to match.

Like in Iquique, in Valparaíso there will be a sound bomb before the show, to reduce the impact of fireworks on pets.

Metropolitan Area

In the commune of Santiago, Entel Tower will have this New Year's fireworks starting at 00:00 on January 1, so it will definitely be one of the nerve centers of the capital's celebrations.

In both Ñuñoa The pyrotechnic launch was also confirmed in National Stadium right in the middle of the night on the New Year, especially on Avenida Grecia with Campo de Deporte.

Commune Ranch will be responsible for opening year-end parties, advancing celebrations during 8pm this Saturday, December 29 at Brazilian Park.

Renca and Quilicura they will join forces to realize what they say qualifies as the largest fireworks display in the Metropolitan area. The launch point is Cerro Renca at 00:00 on January 1, as detailed by T13.

Sign in Vitacura the pyrotechnic show will depart at 00:00 on January 1 at San José de María Parkwhile at Lo Barnechea at the same time fireworks will be launched from Parque de la Chilenidad.

Hill at Cerro Comaico and Lampa from their crescent moon, they will also offer this characteristic show at 00:00.

Farther south, on Rancagua, the pyrotechnic event will also start at 00:00 in the Patricio Mekis Sports Complex, on Avenida República de Chile, with a duration of 15 minutes. In parallel there will be a similar performance in the Rancagua Community Park.

Sign in Talca There will be two fireworks launch points starting at 00:00 on January 1. On one side of the Balneario Río Claro, where there will also be musical performances and also from Parque Cornelio Baeza. Both will have a duration of 18 minutes.

Bío Bío area

In Bío Bío area there will be several communes that will offer new year events with fireworks: Los Angeles, San Pedro de la Paz, Talcahuano and Concepcion are some of them.

Sign in angelina commune Intelligence shows will last 19 minutes and start at 00:00 in the Esmeralda Laguna sector.

In San Pedro de la Paz, a pyrotechnic show will take place at Villa Springhill, José Zapiola sightseeing with Violeta Parra, starting at 00:00 on January 1 and with a duration of 12 minutes.

Sign in Talcahuano Pyrotechnic activities will start at 00:00 on January 1 and will take around 20 minutes. The place chosen by the city is Plazoleta Fragata María Isabel Esplanade, located in Blanco Encalada Avenue in the port district.

Sign in Conception the show will be postponed – on the occasion of the Independence celebration – during 10:15 p.m. on January 1, with simultaneous pyrotechnic launches at Laguna Redonda and Laguna Lo Galindo.

In the newly created Area dissolves, commune of Chillan will offer – with a delay, because Concepción – an 18-minute pyrotechnic show at 20:00 on Tuesday, January 1. The launch point will be located near kilometer 2 from the north exit city.

South Zone

Sign in Araucana The cities of Pucón and Temuco will offer fireworks for visitors and residents in the area.

Those who decided to spend New Year's Eve at Playa Grande de Pucón located on the shores of Lake Villarica, they will be able to enjoy a pyrotechnic show for 20 minutes starting at 00:00, as detailed by the city government.

Sign in Temuco the celebration will focus on Isla Cautín, where from 00:00 on January 1 and for 15 minutes, you can enjoy a pyrotechnic show that will be seen from other points of the city, as detailed by the city government.

Valdivia will have a launch point located in the coastal sector of Kalimantan The Mills, while the duration of the pyrotechnic show will be around 10 minutes and will start at 00:00 on January 1.

In the city Osorno the launch point provided by the city will be Olympic Village located in the Pilauco sector. The event will start at 00:00 and will take around 23 minutes.

Sign in Puerto Varas there will be two launch platforms located opposite Piedraplén Pier and in front of the Pablo Fierro Museum, from where the fireworks will be launched starting at midnight on the New Year.

Sign in Chiloé, in the commune of Quemchithe pyrotechnic show will illuminate the southern sky during the midnight New Year in front of Escuela Mil Pasajes, according to the municipality.

Last but not least, at Punta Arenas New year celebrations will take place at Costanera Strait of Magellan, from where, starting at 00:00 on January 1, visitors can enjoy southern pyrotechnic performances.

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