Friday , October 22 2021

Final Copa Libertadores vs. Boca: how was the attack on the Boca micro and who the players were affected


Stone, tear gas, and broken glass.

In the Copa Libertadores final scheduled for this Saturday, no football.

Instead, there were several violent incidents, including, attacks by River followers on the bus where Boca players traveled.

The police intervened and in several fights of several athletes they are injured.

This caused the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) to postpone the meeting twice and, finally, cancel it.

Expected to be held on Sunday, at 5:00 local time.

"Call the doctor!"

Among the great hopes were generated, the bus with Boca players headed to Monumental to start the match.

But when they passed the Núñez neighborhood in Buenos Aires, river fans concentrated on the road and began throwing all kinds of objects in the xeneize vehicle.

In some videos broadcast by social networks, you can see fans launching the bottle for what looks like a rock, which causes some micro crystals to break.

The police intervened and used tear gas, and this substance also affected the players who traveled on buses, according to the Argentine press.

"The police were overwhelmed," César Martucci, Boca manager, told Fox Sports Argentina.


In a video also published on the internet – and shared by Jorge Batista, doctor Boca, on Instagram – you can see how the attack was carried out from the inside micro.

The players first appeared singing until they began to hear blows and the environment changed radically.

"A doctor! Call the doctor!", They started shouting.

"Micro Boca does not have the necessary custody, I feel very bad for everything that happened," said River Plate president Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio to Fox Sports Argentina.

Cut and vomit

Some Boca players were injured after what happened, and that caused the match That must be canceled this Saturday.

According to information from Argentine media and Efe's agent, in total, the injured were Captain Pablo Pérez and his colleagues Gonzalo Lamardo, Carlos Tevez and Agustín Almendra.


Apparently, they suffered damage to the eyes, vomiting and even cuts to the skin.

In particular, Boca captain Pablo Pérez and young goalkeeper Gonzalo Lamardo appeared with eye patches on one eye in a photo reproduced by the local press.

Almond, on the other hand, suffered a few wounds on the body and Tevez vomited several times in the dressing room, as a result of pepper spray, sources close to the club told Efe.

Censure messages before what happened immediately appeared.

Among them, who Gabriel Batistuta, historical scorer of the Argentine national team and former River Plate and Boca Juniors players.

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