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Fallout 76 newspapers can have legal consequences

Fallout 76's chaotic launch continues to give Bethesda a headache. The press was stubborn with analysis, the community seemed to have turned its back, and Now there is a possibility of class action for game damage

One industry adage says that Bethesda's open world game will be full of bugs (with different severity) at least during the first month. Players already know and pay the price to possibly immerse themselves in a very detailed and dynamic world.

The Fallout 76 case is different. From the beta the title was problematic, with an error that even came to delete all files from the game in the PC version. Even a 47GB patch (bigger than the game itself) released during the first week managed to offer a solution for all the bugs that filled the vast world of Appalachia.

Unlike other games Bethesda, Fallout 76 does not have a rich, entertaining development, a story interesting and characters that are easy to remember to manage.

As expected, after experiencing an experience that was not in line with what the company promised, many PC players began asking for their money back. Although the store Terms and Conditions ensure that after the game has been run, the customer cannot request a refund, several forum users ReddiThey do not claim that they received a refund.

However, this rule was implemented before the emergence of a wave of demand, and users who tried to recover their money began to be rejected. "Customers who have downloaded the game cannot request a refund" That is the response they received.

All these struggles and struggles reach the ears of an always opportunistic law firm, which claims to be investigating claims and considering suing the company for deceptive business practices. Migliaccio & Rathod LLP company explained in his statement Bethesda launched the game "which is very problematic" and now "refuses to offer a replacement to PC game buyers who have found it unplayable because of many technical problems."

"Although minor problems are expected during the launch of most games, Fallout 76 was released with a 56GB patch that has been proven to be only the beginning of a game problem," the text said. "The player who requested a refund for many game problems has been refused because he downloaded it, leave them with experiences that cannot be played until the patch returns it to a playable state. "

Beyond the possibility that the law firm could turn this claim into a class action suit (which is only a little), Fallout 76 has attracted the attention of the law firm is a sign of the storm where Bethesda is located.

"Customers who have downloaded the game cannot request a refund," the company told the players.

Low game sales have forced companies to cut prices. Sixty original dollars have been forgotten. The title can be obtained at a virtual store for $ 35 for a Black Friday offer, but the official store has been permanently reduced to forty dollars.

A forty percent discount less than two weeks after launch does not suit users who pay full price, so Bethesda has also started an irregular compensation campaign.

According to IzaakGoldbaum, a Reddit forum user, 500 atoms were added to his account after contacting the company with "some kind of anger". Atom is one of the currencies of the game. They can be used to obtain aesthetic modifications and they buy missions that meet in the game or with real money, at a hundred-dollar rate.

One of the fancy editions of the game | Image: Bethesda Softworks

A compensation equivalent to five dollars, when the price difference of 25 does not seem too fair, especially if it does not apply to all users. Other players follow the example of IzaakGoldbaum but do not have the same luck, so it seems that the company has not set a plan for the future.

For now Fallout 76 is a real problem. This game is the worst ranking in the history of Bethesda (after the dangerous Rogue Warrior), the player has started a negative campaign on the network, and the server is getting empty.

In this scenario there seems to be two possible results: Bethesda miraculously arranged the game and fell in love with the community again, or Fallout 76 became free with microtransactions, because so many great role-playing games have been done for years. Place your bet

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