Extraordinary details coming out of the Popeye series


On January 17, the animated series "Popeye, the sailor" It was 90 years of his existence after his first appearance in comics Timble Theater in that edition in 1929 of the American newspaper The New York Evening Journal

About this birthday is that the Spanish version of The Huffington Post newspaper released details about the name of the series which, for many, is definitely not noticed.

This article quotes Twitter users @anitapolisOK, who explained that the reason for the sailor's name, Olivia's love interest, was due his eyes protruding, what in English is referred to as "mata pop". In addition, the user made sure that he only noticed when he was 49 years old.

While for many people this information seems clear, in that publication some people claimed to have never linked the title of the protagonist to this physical characteristic and that they just found out when they saw the tweet. Some even say that with more than 50 and 60 years, and surely for the rest of their lives they have seen sailors' lives, they still don't know.


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