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Experts support Subtel's proposal for access fees

A few days ago we told you in Paperweights Entel's response to criticism of its proposal to set access fees. Today, a new chapter is written in this dispute.

Through a statement, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications (SUBTEL), announced the results of the expert commission report. This, requested by Entel, Movistar, VTR and Claro companies, WOM finally refused to request one.

The commission consists of three experts. Among them, one represents the applicant company, the other for the deputy minister, and the latter is chosen by mutual agreement between the parties. As that's about four commissions, the total experts in this process are 12.

From total experts (12), eight of them tend to support Subtel's proposal, which shows to use 4G technology as a model for calculating the company's access costs to the network. The technology proposed by Entel, Claro and Movistar companies is 3G and 4G. Meanwhile, WOM and VTR were defeated what is proposed by the government, 4G + VoLTE.

Regarding the above, Deputy Telecommunications Minister Pamela Gidi said:

Demand for data from telecommunications users can only grow in the coming years, so it is very important to create conditions for high-speed cellular networks to continue to grow and provide benefits to users, such as the 4G network.

The biggest opponents of government proposals are Movistar and Entel companies, represented by two of the four experts who opposed what was proposed by Subtel.

The submission of this report is not binding on the decision, but supports the arguments conveyed by the executive branch. On January 25, 2019, a new Tariff Decree is stipulated it will rule for five years.

The only thing that refers to this problem right now is Movistar, who through his spokesman Fernando Saiz, Director of Strategy, Regulation and Public Affairs Movistar Chile, has stated as follows:

"In the framework of the current Cellular Tariff Process, at Movistar Chile we appreciate the closure of expert requests, which have been realized by the issuance of the Modification and Pressure Report, which was presented on 26 December.

In this case, it is worth mentioning the participation in our commission from an expert with extensive experience as former Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Pedro Pablo Errázuriz, expert witnesses in agreements between authorities and companies, which support the need to consider the appropriate model companies. with the reality of the telecommunications market today, which includes the use of 3G and 4G technology to provide cellular voice services.

Likewise, the report presented by Movistar Chile shows that the model considered by the authorities presents serious numerical inconsistencies. For example, the proposal does not consider that most 4G terminals currently on the market do not support technologies such as voice in LTE technology (VoLTE).

In this case, it is important to clarify that all phones that do not support VoLTE technology must be completely replaced by efficient companies to operate in an exclusive 4G network, which greatly increases the cost of companies that only VoLTE operates, making it less efficient than companies that provide 3G voice and 4G is low.

From Movistar we call for this tariff process to be governed by stringent economic-technical criteria and we believe that the arguments and figures given during the process are considered, thus correcting serious errors and inconsistencies detected at this stage of the process "

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