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Everyone thought he had a beer belly, but it turned out that it was a 77-pound tumor

For months, Hector Hernandez from California saw his stomach grow and grow to the point of preventing him from leaning to tie his shoes. But what they all attributed to the stomach of a brewer, it turned out, was a 77-pound tumor, the biggest doctor his doctor had ever seen.

"I just thought he was fat. I've always been a big person," Hernandez said The New York Times about one and a half years that he lived without knowing the true cause of obesity, where He heard all kinds of comments.

One day in a warehouse a man approached him, took his stomach and told him not to drink because it was not good for him. "I just laughed and told him that I didn't drink", associated with The Times.

He also didn't eat too much, but he continued to try a plant-based diet to see if he could lower his stomach. Everything is in vain. Immediately after that It looked like a "beach ball" that bothered him even when sitting to work on his desk.

The 47-year-old man had suffered from constipation, heartburn and shortness of breath at that time, so he decided to consult a doctor replied that "some people only gain weight in different ways".

But because his stomach was still heavy and strong to touch, he decided to seek a second opinion.

He never imagined what would become a diagnosis: liposarcoma, a strange form of cancer originating from fat cells and which had become a giant tumor in his stomach..

77 pounds, "the biggest thing I've ever seen", told Tseng in an interview with the New York Times explaining that usually these tumors weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

It was so great that he basically "swallowed" one of Hernandez's kidneys which had to be removed during a six-hour operation. The good news is that the tumor does not spread to other organs.

But very likely that the sarcoma will return, even more aggressive. Doctors cannot understand why this type of tumor is genuine, how to prevent it and the only solution to cure it is surgery.

Hernandez is currently recovering and raising funds to pay for medical expenses through the GoFundMe campaign.

This remains positive: "I feel amazing, I think I have to strengthen myself", exciting.

A scarcity

Liposarcoma does not only appear in the stomach. They can also form behind the knee or on the thighs and, more rarely, in the neck, vulva or armpit.

They are very rare. The incidence is 1 per 100,000 people and usually affects adults between 40 and 60 years.

Like Hernandez, for the most part people with liposarcoma don't feel sick. Tumors (which may be hard or soft to the touch) are not painful. Physical examination is the first step in diagnosing it.

With immunotherapy successfully controlling metastasis and living a normal life


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