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Eva Gómez revealed that she spent one night with Luis Miguel | Society

Eva Gómez he was one of the guests of the program Don't Blame the Night TVN, where he revealed that he spent the night with Luis Miguel.

However, he clarified that his experience was not as close as Kenita Larraín lived with "Sol de México", but that was good enough for Spain. really happy.

"I met him through a friend of mine, the daughter of Coco Pacheco who owns the restaurant where Luis Miguel will eat. I like it. I believe that if I have an idol in my life, that is Luis Miguel", He began counting.

On that line, the communicator said that his friend knew about his taste for the singer, so he invited him to the restaurant to accompany him and had the choice to get a signature from the interpreter, without thinking that he would get something else.

"He told me: & # 39; why don't you come, I have to be here all afternoon, this chicken comes at night and When I arrived you signed your signature and you left & # 39;. And I did it, "he said.

When the artist arrived, coordination was not so good, so Eva lost the opportunity to meet her. However, I don't know that he will face to face with the singer and that he will make an unexpected invitation.

"He said & # 39; hello & # 39; I answered & # 39; hello & # 39; He said," Do you want to eat with me ?, & # 39; clear & # 39 ;, I said. We eat, we dance, we sing. That is very entertaining"He said, adding that he also sang flamenco songs to Luis Miguel and that he sang in his ear.

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