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End of century in doubt: Boca, Sungai and Conmebol at the meeting after the incident on arrival of the visit | Soccer


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Official River Plate

Unpublished superfinal from Copa Libertadores de América 2018This Saturday at Monumental, consists more of title disputes.

The proof is that before 8 am there were River Plate fans and Boca Juniors pushed their respective teams, almost 9 hours after the match.

At 1pm, the Monumental stadium opened its doors and fans began to fill the historic sports fort.

Around 15:05 hours, Boca Juniors made his arrival at the place, and did so by reporting the incident on his arrival: the players claim that they were received with stones by visiting fans, which forced the police to use pepper spray.

Because there are at least 5 players affected, & # 39; xeneize & # 39; will ask for a delay or suspension of confrontation, according to media from neighboring countries. The leaders of both clubs and Conmebol entered an important meeting at around 4:00 a.m.

River Plate and Boca Juniors, hundreds of years old arch enemy, Argentine football, honor and prestige will be played in the most important matches of their history, on At 5 o'clock in the afternoon

They have to pass 58 editions of the maximum club tournament Conmebol so that the two most traditional teams in America, the protagonist of one of the great classics of world football, are in the final who have talked to the whole planet for two weeks

From Mourinho to Bielsa, from Simeone to Maradona. No one from the world of football was unaware of superclassic ecstasy, and 2-2 with the first duel of calls sealed at Bombonera "End of this century" by Argentine people.

& # 39; Millionaire & # 39; withdrew from the Boca temple with a pent-up smile, because of his plan Marcelo Gallardo, was prevented from entering a sanctioned stadium from Conmebol, frustrated Boca victory, who always leads on the scoreboard, and leaves the panorama open to be completed at Monumental.

"The team responded very well in a court that was always complicated and complicated, and in the final", analyzing Muñeco four days after the match.

By your side, Guillermo & el Mellizo & 39; Barros Schelotto regretted that the party "had escaped our hands", but promised that Boca would leave "life" to become champions.

"There are 90 minutes left, we don't win in our court but without a doubt we will give up our lives to be champions in the River court. QThat people remain calm that we will leave everything behind ", highlighting DT "xeneize".

Pure strategy

The Doll and the Twin They knew that the Monumental battle had to be done with the best soldiers, but two of them fell from the second crucial leg in the first face-to-face meeting at Bombonera.

Forward "xeneize" Cristian Pavón he retired after half an hour of playing affected by muscle injuries and Colombian "millionaire" Rafael Santos Borré will cause low attacks due to yellow accumulation.

On Wednesday, the bad news hit Doll: the experienced batman Ignacio Scocco, who is preparing to become a starter for BorréHe suffered a muscle injury in the right calf during one of the exercises. Of course, his presence is not ruled out.

But regardless of the victim, Gallardo can be relieved to have recovered Leo Ponzio, Captain and team standards, absent from Bombonera due to muscle discomfort.

Guillermo, in turn, maintained doubts in a position where no doubt was permitted, especially for this game. And who will keep the arch, if questioned Agustín Rossi, even though he appeared in the first leg, or Esteban Andrada, recovered from a smooth jaw injury suffered in the quarter-finals against Cruzeiro.

But Pavon's unexpected fall also worried him, although in that sector the range of choices was much greater. Carlos Tevez, Darío Benedetto, Mauro Zárate, or Sebastián Villa and Edwin Cardona in Colombia They offered a place in eleven Mellizo to accompany Ramon "Wanchope" ilabila in the attack.

Spirit without equality

Boca has made this Cup an obsession, because of persecuting seventh title to match Argentina as well as Independiente as the top winner of the Libertadores, while River, who won three years ago, is looking for his fourth crown.

"They are lucky to be in this final!", convince the biggest idol in Boca's history, & # 39; 10 & # 39; the beautiful one Juan Román Riquelme.

"I am jealous of them, I would love to play this match but there is nothing left to see as a fan. Hopefully Boca will do well and win this Cup," said Riquelme, champion of the Libertadores with "xeneize" in 2000, 2001 and 2007

And whether the Argentine superclásico is part of the gallery of the world's major parties among the archenemies of history, but Buenos Aires is unmatched by popular enthusiasm.

"If you lose you cannot leave for three months from home. It's impossible to face because the results, whatever they are, will mark you throughout your life, "said 1978 world champion Albiceleste. Américo "el Tolo" Gallego, exjugador and former coach of River, with whom he won as a Libertadores player in 1986.

The match at the Monumental Stadium – in the absence of visiting club fans – will be directed by Uruguayan referee Andrés Cunha, assisted in the band by compatriots Nicolás Tarán and Mauricio Espinoza.

The Gallardo, approved by Conmebol, will be replaced on the bench by his assistant Matías Biscay.

Possible alignments

River Plate: Franco Armani – Gonzalo Montiel, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco – Enzo Perez, Leonardo Ponzio, Exequiel Palacios, Juan Fernando Quintero – Gonzalo Martinez and Lucas Pratto. DT: Matías Biscay.

Boca Juniors: Esteban Andrada – Leonardo Jara, Carlos Izquierdoz, Lisandro Magallán, Lucas Olaza – Pablo Pérez, Wilmar Barrios, Nahitan Nández – Sebastián Villa (or Carlos Tevez), Ramón Ábila and Darío Benedetto. DT: Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

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