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Elon Musk wants to combine the human brain with the machine

Elon Musk is still talking about his words, this time the CEO of Tesla and Space X said he was working on a kind of "hard drive" that would allow him to bring the human mind. All as part of a campaign against artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Axios, Musk was asked about the work Neuralink, one of the lesser known companies, before what was specified the businessman of one of the divisions' projects focused on creating devices that would enable humans to overcome what he defined as "existential threats" of artificial intelligence.

"The long-term aspiration with Neuralink is to achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence", said Musk. "To achieve a kind of intelligence democratization, in a way that is not monopolistically sustainable in pure digital form by the government and big companies."

To fulfill that goal, Musk revealed that Neuralink was developing a "hard drive for the human mind," with the idea that people poured their conscience into these machines by creating systems that were basically an extension of themselves.

This process, according to the employer, can contribute in the long term to "improve" people's intelligence.

"Because of algorithmic and hardware enhancements, digital intelligence will go beyond biological intelligence with a wide margin, that's clear, "Musk said.

While this might seem contrary to Tesla's previous statement about artificial intelligence, actually part of a a plan that follows a critical postulate regarding the use of that technology.

In the past Musk did not save his doubts about the role of artificial intelligence in the world, posing a scenario worthy of science fiction films where that technology will bring humanity to the next World War.

So, along with the revelation of the new Neuralink device, Musk continues to expand the worrying story about what is dominated by the world by artificial intelligence, showing that machines can put humans in zoos.

"When primate species, homo sapiens, become smarter than others, he pushes them into small habitats", Musk pointed. "(Now) they occupy small corners of the world, cages … zoos. Even the forests they inhabit are limited, so they are big cages …So, you know, that might be a result for us. "

Of course, Musk plans to fight that possibility with his mental hard drive, which is can be realized in "about a decade" and as explained by the CEO of Room X will operate with "Micro-level neuronal electrode interface", "A chip and lots of small cables" that will be there "Implanted in the skull".

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