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Drivers who witnessed an attack on a teacher in Ercilla: "I saw robbery, no one would tell me otherwise" – National Tvn


The school bus driver who claimed to witness the robbery of the Santa Rosa de Ercilla School teachers before the death of Camilo Catrillanta He told me about the tense moments of life on November 14.

With the initials F.R.S.S, the man who drove the van from the same school was identified and, when he told me, he was right behind the teachers who were attacked.

According to the driver to the newspaper The third It was a special day, because there was no class because the van where they picked up the children, and who the driver was, had shown a brake error.

"I continued to wait for the mechanics who came from Temuco, but the director told me to go and meet the teacher on the street, so I took advantage of the fact that they left (the teachers) to go behind them. The man explained.

"They went to their homes, one to Ercilla, one to Victoria and another to Collipulli. When they circled the mountain on the road, because the road was very bad, small cars, when they were lower, turned around the hill. Then, on the back of the hill, they reached for it", He explained.

Witness, who calls the carabineros to 133, Identify the marks of the three cars they used for attack, what will be the Chevrolet Sail, Great Wall and Nissan March.

"They were there aggressively throwing them, them and the children. The cars locked them in front with branches and barbed wire. When I arrived at the place where I tried to go help them, I went down, but I clearly saw the aggressiveness of the people who were They walked with axes in their hands and with rifles cut off. I tried to go there, they shouted at me & grab the egg from there (for your car), conchetumadre & # 39;, and when they told me the second time, I turned and took it aside, and they started, "said the driver.

Faced with the question of whether he believed it was a montage that occurred after the death of comunero Mapuche, the man said he did not believe. "I, who works there, I know how this is (…) There are many people who think so stupid and don't even know what happened. I saw the teachers affected and children crying. I saw the theft, no one would tell me otherwise, "he said.

"Now, that the Carabinieri are running their hands and doing bad things, that's something else," he concluded.


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