doubts that Salas had


One more and we don't practice anymore. That is the maximum of Mario Salas this week. The reason for this year's first statement came before the Catholic University on Saturday (12:05). And he knows that classics cannot be lost. Even though they are in a summer tournament or reunion with their former troops.

For the same reason, "Commander" will use a duel against the Spanish Union (tomorrow at 7:05 a.m.) to change the mistakes made at Alba Night and to remove the two big doubts he has: Agustín Orión and Julio Barroso.

Those born in Argentina were the only ones who did not play for one minute last Saturday and those who participated in the three friendly matches ordered by Colo Colo as "Commander".

Goalkeeper explained at Monumental as a promise to young Atajapepas Iquique, who was told at the start of the season that he would play more if he lived in Macul. And while Orion started as a starter against simple Pillar in Buenos Aires, he was replaced by Cortés.

A few days later, his role was reversed with Platense, but this was not repeated in the troop presentation.

Today we will know whether former Boca will sweat "one" against Hispanics and will fight in three suits or take the secondary role predicted during the extension of his contract.

"Admiral and reinforcements

More dramatic was the "Admiral" situation, when he was tested with Matías Zaldivia and Juan Manuel Insaurralde in the first two meetings and, finally, Salas decided on the same who had played in the Tapia era, so nationalized The Chilean witnessed the Mapuche cast debut in front of people the person is off the bench.

Jaime Valdés, who seems destined to be a successor to Jorge Valdivia, deserves a special paragraph. However, he can get a place in the court zone (where Esteban Pavez and Carlos Carmona are snoring for now), when he fully recovers from his knee injury.

Finally, Salas had to find a place for Javier Parraguez. Whether it is the Huachipato striker is the breakdown of becoming a new Popular booster, only need to complete the agreement between the two institutions.

If there is no disaster, which usually surrounds the fate of Black and White, the 2019 squad will be closed with another ram ram next week.


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