Kika Silva It was recently moved in May 2018 to its 158 square meter duplex apartment and looks really decorated and furnished.

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Only in a few months the former queen ViƱa del Mar Festival a comfortable room built, even revealed Latest news what aBefore he moved, he had ordered some furniture.

The blonde's house is armed to your liking; he painted, he threw a wall and put on paper murals. In the first floor is a living room, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom, while on the second floor there is a living room and a walk-in closet that he built himself.

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The driver also shows a large terrace that has a barbecue and even a jacuzzi on synthetic grass. "I like to sleep five minutes before going to bed, with" dram "wine, then I sleep., he maintains.

Even though Kika doesn't spend much in her apartment for work reasons, it's her dream to have it. "For me this is very important: it's the place I want and I have invested everything", he assured in his interview with MON.

Your dog Gin, the French bulldog, also has space in the department. Yes, because Kika collects a special corner in a closet to store clothes and accessories.

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