Display & # 39; dare & # 39; the Meghan Markle once again violated the royalty protocol | Society


The Duchess of Sussex has always been a concern of the press, both as part of the royal family, as well as for their bold modern appearance.

Meghan Markle, usually wearing a dress that highlights her pregnancy. However, this time it wasn't clothes that surprised everyone.

According to New Woman, Meghan broke all protocols and appeared together torn jeans and high heels.

The Duchess, currently carrying 6 months of pregnancy and although his appearance was not at all "suitable for a noble family", in reality he used a set that perfectly combined, because he added a dark blue coat, aviator sunglasses and a Mulberry signature bag.

The dress was chosen for lunch together Christan Jones, the new communications director he and Prince Harry, in the exclusive area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon.

As expected, the paparazzi are attentive and capture the modern look of Meghan.

Check here the picture of Meghan:


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