Díaz shines in Racing: "Some people ask me to stay and live"


The Chilean midfielder analyzed his grand prize at "Academia" and reaffirmed his desire to retire at the University of Chile.

Marcelo Díaz He took over half of the field since he came to Racing. In ten matches, the Chile midfielder was not only important for Eduardo Coudet. He also managed to get fans of Avellaneda's club to get involved quickly with him in his first six months at the institution.

"They thanked me for coming and for what I gave to the team, some have asked me to stay here, which makes me proud.", He recognized "Carepato" in an interview with La Nación de Argentina.

At a certain point it was said that Boca Juniors could seek his signing and although he did not, he received praise from Juan Román Riquelme, one of the "xeneised" historical idols.

"I am on vacation and I really don't give much importance, but I am very proud that Román talked about me, coming to Racing meant a lot of value to me. I will always be grateful for this great step in my career, maybe this is my last step before going home: my idea is to retire at U, as I always say ", said the former Mexican Pumas and Celta de Vigo.


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