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Details of the new League of Legends champions were revealed

Filter details of new LoL champions

Riot Games, like every year, plans many new features for the new season. Changes in qualifications, in the season itself, in the honor system and in the champions themselves. Now, in addition, the details of a new champion have been leaked. Something that, although it is new, does not discourage Riot from introducing new characters every year.

On the other hand, besides this new champion, filtering includes reworking of Kayle and Morgana. As well as a series of new skins including those included aspects for Sejuani and Tahm Kench, Kha Zix and Rengar, Tristana, Neeko and Nunu, Veigar, Zyra and Syndra. Besides the legendary skin for Ivern.

In filtering, in addition to the details of the new champions, several skins and reworking are included

After Neeko, a champion who has caused controversy, we don't know what the riots will bring. But because reddit has leaked some details about its nature. Among them is the claim that it will be a character "chained up"With a the role of the tank is located on the upper road.

Regarding their abilities, there isn't much information either. But there is talk a Q which takes the enemy champion with one hand and then throws a little distance when the skill is reactivated. Hers ultimate, on the other hand, we only know that it will work the effect of "earthquake" so it is assumed that it leads to a daze or other effects of crowd control. But, as always, until the Riot itself no further details are given, all is speculation.

Filtering these details from new champions comes from the same source that filters out aspects of the star guardian. As well as reworking Urgot. So that is information that, although not confirmed, might be true.

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