Saturday , October 16 2021

Deportes Temuco defeated Union La Calera and continued at first

Sport Temuco beat 1-0 for La Calera Union at the Lucio Fariña Stadium, Quillota, in matches that are valid for the last second of the 2018 Scotiabank National Championship.

The Pije and Funeral there is no big advantage gained for 90 minutes. The tucucano box, however, produces a greater chance of danger in their efforts to beat goals and add important points not to go down.

During the first minute, the two teams failed to create more damage on the opposing field. However, in the 32nd minute, the match judge took the maximum penalty that benefited the south squad after hand in the area; Miguel Aceval He finished crossing and reaped the first 1-0 partial.

Already in the second stage, Temuco closed the lane and prevented La Calera from attacking the arch guarded by the goal Jose Luis Gamonal.

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<p style=With this result, it is directed by Miguel Ponce they have 28 points and they stay alive in the first division until the last date.

Students from Francisco MeneghiniHowever, continue with 42 units and continue to struggle to win an international trophy.

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