Demi Lovato was very hurt by Nick Jonas for not inviting him to his marriage


Nick Jonas it breaks his heart Demi Lovato by not inviting him to his marriage …

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Demi and Nick had been friends for a long time, starring in Camp Rock together, touring together and even saying that Demi had fallen in love with Nick secretly; However, it seems that their friendship is no longer as strong as before.

According to Us Weekly, Demi felt sick because of it Nick did not invite him to his impressive marriage with Priyanka Chopra, He is waiting for an invitation to one of his friend's most important events!

"For the sake of annoyance. It breaks his heart": Means guaranteed.

We don't know whether these friends have a problem, because after he left rehabilitation, Demi stopped following Nick on Instagram, and even though his marriage to Priyanka Chopra was held a month after Demi left, Nick decided not to invite him.

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Apart from the sadness that Demi gained from not accepting the invitation, the media assured her that she prayed for the best for Nick in the new stage of her life: "He hopes for the best for him and Priyanka"

Do you think that friendship between Demi and Nick is overWhat is the reason? Nick didn't invite for the sake of his marriage? We hope they can resolve their differences and be friends again.

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