Cruel revenge: the young man found out that his girlfriend had an affair twice and sold Xbox One for 2,400 pesos Society


A tragicomic story is what they starred in Georgia Jackson (24) and his girlfriend Josh Maddock (26) The young English woman found that she was twice unfaithful, one of them when she was pregnant, and decided to take revenge: He sells his Xbox One with only three pounds (2,400 pesos).

As detailed by the British media The Sun, young people married in 2015 and went to live in the city of Northumberland (England). Unfortunately, a year later the relationship began to experience problems.

This is because in 2016 he learned that her husband was unfaithful, even though at that time he made the decision to forgive him and continue the marriage.


A year later, Georgia got pregnant and the ties did not change. However, life plays tricks on him again in October 2018, when he gives birth.

It turned out that one month after giving birth (November), he read the conversation her husband had with another woman a few months earlier. In the discussion there was an exchange of photos and messages with sexual content. Josh is having an affair again.

Gripped by anger and disappointment, Jackson decided to take cruel revenge on her husband, and sell his precious Xbox One on Facebook, at a ridiculous price: 3 pounds (2,400 pesos).

What he didn't expect was that he became viral among young British people, because many laughed at the fate of the boy's favorite toy, which was sold last December.


"I only know that my partner only put his penis in another woman, that's why I decided to sell the most valuable object, that's why the value. Whoever manifests first can take it in 3 pounds," he wrote on social networking.

The woman added to the newspaper mentioned earlier that she felt disappointed and betrayed by her husband, because previously she had forgiven the affair for their marriage.

"It's a terrible betrayal. I always remember that if he is with another woman, he will destroy the Xbox, but he knows that selling it will make him even more angry, "he said.

At this time, none of the two young people had shown an intention to begin the divorce process.


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