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Critical hours after comunero Camilo Catrillanca's death

Wednesday November 14. 4:15 a.m.

Quecherehuas Sector, La Araucana Three teachers from the Santa Rosa School, located in the Ancapi community in Ercilla, traveled with three vehicles in a rural road when three hooded men stopped them threatening them with axes, rifles and machetes. The warning arrived at the Carabineros and the operation was activated by air and land while the attackers fled in the car.

"They flew on helicopters in the sector, first saw two vehicles and then the third, which had video footage," the prosecutor pointed out that officers on the helicopter observed the transit of vehicles to forested areas. From them down three subjects, who went to the forest, then returned to one of the vehicles "to find something they left behind forgotten" and then one returned to the forest while two of them continued on the road, "as if there was no pass" " , this is a record of the guarantee judge who took that night in the Collipulli commissary.

He continued: "Then they found a tractor that turned in front of them on the road, they climbed it, it turned and advanced several meters, then returned to the previous route and faced forward with the carabineros de infantera. The public prosecutor that the helicopter officer saw that was wrong one subject who boarded the tractor dropped it, they threw it to the ground, that person was the MPC of the young prisoner, which took place at 4:40 a.m.

On the tractor, the 15-year-old was taken down, was Camilo Catrillanca, whose name was known in Ercilla, because his grandfather was a historic lonco Juan Catrillanca and his father, Marcelo, was president of the community "Ignacio Queipul Millanao".

The 24-year-old resident died on a tractor with a shot to the head.

6:45 a.m. Public Ministry of La Araucana

The area's High Complex Prosecutor contacted the high-ranking Carabineros official in the area to give radio notifications that all personnel participating in the operation had to go to Fiscala de Collipulli to give a statement.

8:00 a.m. Cesfam (Family Health Center) from Ercilla

The INDH Director, Consuelo Contreras, recounts: "The regional office of the National Human Rights Institution was formed together with counselor Jos Aylwin at Cesfam de Ercilla, and the body of Camilo Catrillanca was there. We support as observers of transfers from Cesfam to Angol Medical Services, we asked to participate as an autopsy observer. "During this procedure, victims who were also a doctor also participated.

Contreras said that the first thing they could see was that the villagers had bullets in their necks and that they immediately contacted the Deputy Minister of Human Rights, Lorena Recabarren, so that the transfer of the bodies was not carried out by the Carabineros, but by the PDI.

Continued: "That night, as we always did when there was a situation like this, we visited the police station because they had been detained." In addition, he ran through social networks that had injured teenagers, a group of teenagers who were detained, some had been detained in Ercilla's Cesfam and also teenagers who accompanied Camilo Catrillanca, and at that time he had the first conversation with our part of the team . "

Wednesday November 14. 7:00 a.m. Currency

The Republican vice president, Andrs Chadwick, was sitting at his office desk at La Moneda when he received a police report on his cellphone stating that there were simultaneous attacks on three cars at La Araucana. In just a few minutes, other information entered his cellphone: there was a confrontation with the police at Temucuicui and there was a Mapuche comunero who died.

With President Sebastin Piera touring Asia, Chadwick took his cellphone and contacted the Director General of the Carabineros, Hermes Soto, to whom he requested a full report of what had happened. Then he did the same thing with the PDI.

The government followed the protocol set in March with the mayor of La Araucana region, Luis Mayol: regional authorities spoke first with the press and, if the case escalated, Chadwick came out to discuss it.

8:00 a.m. Intendance from Temuco

"This, from our perspective, is an act of general crime, and those affected are teachers who have suffered theft of their vehicles," Mayol said. He then added that Catrillanca had a record of acceptance: on October 22 he was arrested by police with a vehicle that would have a fake patent plate.

In parallel, the general director of the Carabineros, Hermes Soto, said: "Until now we cannot say what the source of the shooting is, there are situations that must be clarified." Jorge Huenchulln, spokesman for Temucuicui, said the opposite: "The police killed him in the community."

Chadwick was clear that the situation was serious. Call President Sebastin Piera to Singapore and explain what happened.

9pm Currency

Minister Cecilia Prez summoned her colleagues from the political committee to evaluate the continuity of the tour she had scheduled the next day in Temuco. The plan was frozen for several hours. Evaluating suspending the visit, but finally agreed not to change the trip. For some people, it is intended to provide a signal of calm and control of the situation.

That night, Chadwick's cellphone didn't stop ringing: it was focused on gathering information.

Thursday, November 15. 5:05 a.m. Collipulli

The journey between the communes of Ercilla and Collipulli is usually no more than 15 minutes. However, the carabineros participating in the operation arrived almost five hours after the call made by Fiscal to make a statement in the second location. The five soldiers – four who were near the tractor and one fifth who were waiting in the vehicle – arrived at the company of a lawyer from the institution, Cristin Inostroza Quiiir. Little by little, the other Special Forces troops arrived and arrived later. However, only five Gope police first stated. The last one to be interrogated was Sergeant II Ral Vila.

2:44 a.m. Collipulli

While the prosecution team and PDI members deployed carried out the process, according to the judicial proceedings in progress, INDH lawyer Marcos Ravanal appealed to Amparo for the judge to review in the Collipulli commissioner that the situation of minors detained, including MPC Hakim Mara Fernanda Lagos arrived in that place. Analyze the situation and ask prosecutor Enrique Vsquez about the background of the case. The prosecutor told him the information provided by the police so far and a statement by one of the troops who went to the helicopter participating in the operation to arrest the perpetrators of the theft of three cars in Ercilla.

"This official always communicates what he sees from air to land and sends the coordinates of the place to the carabineros that are on the ground, and that's how they meet the tractor." The prosecutor added that the helicopter pilots stated the same understanding, which was above all procedures and trips followed by reduced cars, recorded communications made from helicopters with CENCO and also images taken with GoPro cameras carried by officers on areo vehicle boats ", this is a note.

The judge refused amparo's order and authorized the teenagers to go to detention and take DNA samples and hands to determine whether there was powder.

Perseverance ends at 4:00 a.m.

At Fiscala de Collipulli, the deployment of the Public Ministry continued and there were around 30 personnel who began arriving in the early hours. It's a frenzy night. All resources are displayed.

At that height, M.P.C. denounced that he was beaten by the police and for the first time gave light in his story about the destruction of evidence.

8:00 a.m. Collipulli

Sergeant Ral villa and three other members of Gope completed their testimonies as defendants. There is a common thread that guides their testimony: all have stated that they are not wearing their GoPro cameras and that there is no record of alleged confrontations or deaths of ordinary people.

Then, the process to strengthen the version of the carabineros begins. Prosecutor Enrique Vsquez ordered the PDI to go to the office of the Second Commission de Fuerzas Especiales de Pailahueque, the operation center of police officers who participated in all operations in the area. Detectives arrive at the place and request all audiovisual recordings.

Among the group members are experts from the PDI Criminalistic Laboratory. They facilitated, among other things, the Carabineros patrol GoPro camera that arrived after the murder. The source of the case showed that on the memory card it was clear that they were formatted and that the carabineros showed that the image was downloaded on the computer repartic, which was sent to Fiscala.

At present, this memory card is being tested by PDI. When the Carabineros was consulted about the format of the card, the agency replied: "There is an investigation by the Public Ministry and we cannot refer to the subject".

8:00 a.m. Santiago

The Minister of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno, gave an interview on Infinita radio before Chadwick, who still did not discuss the matter openly. In a radio conversation, Moreno referred to the death of Catrillanca and Plan Araucana: "Facts like this make things harder". At least one part of the political committee has a lack of evaluation. A few minutes later, in fact, Chadwick gave a press conference and insisted in showing that "the Araucania Plan remained exactly the same".

At La Moneda there is confusion. Not all background cases are on the table, so communication strategies are difficult to define.

12:00 p.m. Collipulli

Doubts about Catrillanca's death increased and new investigations were opened by prosecutors at the area's Human Rights unit, Roberto Garrido. Start reviewing the images obtained. Suddenly, something happened which marked a turning point in the investigation.

In the picture it appears that sergeant Ral the second villa has installed his helmet, including his GoPro camera. The version is completely different from the original.

The villa declaration is dealt with with strict reserves and opens new edges related to crimes that may occur due to the obstruction of the investigation. While the pictures are being compiled and reviewed, the opposition is asking for an explanation for the communero's death. It also declared the freedom of M.P.C: his arrest was declared illegal. Ercilla was shocked. There were signs of support from the Mapuche people towards the Catrillanca family.

2:00 a.m. Santiago

A Carabineros plane flies to Temuco. On the ship, the interior minister, Rodrigo Ubilla, and a lawyer from the Government, Luis Hermosilla, who flew to meet La Araucana regional prosecutor Cristin Paredes. In the Government, further information is needed. So far, there has been more doubt than certainty.

Upon returning to Santiago, suspicion was put on force at La Moneda: the carabineros might hide evidence of the operation.

In this context, Chadwick asked General Soto to appear at La Moneda. Ubilla and Hermosilla waited for him. The three posed to people in uniform it is likely that the members of Gope were not telling the truth. General Carabineros basically tends to support the subordinate version. Conversations sometimes increase in tone and the atmosphere becomes tense. The vice president then ordered him to leave the next day at La Araucana.

Friday, November 16 12:00 pailahueque hours

General Soto arrived at the headquarters of the Public Order of La Araucana Control Area to find out on the ground what had happened to the dead comunero and determine whether there was any sort of irregularity in police actions.

Your visit is registered at the office, 115 numbers, sent to Chadwick. "At the same barracks, we met with the patrol participating in the event, stating that no one on the patrol was carrying a camera, and talking to helicopter pilots to learn their impressions of what happened."

Next, General Soto goes to Angol. This goes to the Communication Center to verify whether all information requested by the tax office has been submitted. Then he returned to Santiago.

"In accordance with the foregoing, the general director who subscribes believes that the officials participating in the events investigated have acted according to what was stated and, consequently, none of them carried recording equipment (cameras) while participating in the facts", he explained in an action.

10:00 hours Temuco

In an interview with Bo-Bo radio, Minister Cecilia Prez said: "If the Carabineros is attacked, it has the power to defend itself."

This is a communication channel that some authorities of La Moneda do not evaluate with a good eye: it is said that there is no room for any rollover in this case.

Since his visit to La Araucana, the Government spokesman remains in the hands of Chadwick and Ubilla. Even the deputy secretary held a press conference at the Blue Room of La Moneda, which was traditionally used by government secretaries-general ministers.

At oficialismo, as much as that, friendly fire began to emerge. Deputy Evpoli Andrs Molina slid his criticism openly to mayor Mayol.

Minister Moreno, meanwhile, made contact with Loncos and has even taken steps to limit criticism of Aucn Huilcamn, who requested Chadwick's resignation.

In parallel, INDH has officially managed the story of M.P.C. young, who said that he had seen one of the policemen Gope take a card from his camera to destroy it.

Saturday November 17. 9:00 am Currency

Minister Chadwick together with Deputy Secretary Ubilla met to prepare the minister's presentation in front of the Security and Human Rights Committee of Kamar, who had called him to give an explanation. The story was clear: five carabineros who participated in the persecution said they had forgotten to take the camera, which meant an error in the protocol should be, but that was only a mistake.

At three in the afternoon they separated. Ubilla went to her house in Lo Barnechea to prepare for her wedding anniversary celebration. It has more than 70 guests to eat.

4:00 a.m. Santiago

Andrs Chadwick received a call from General Soto. Tells you that you need to meet him soon. The minister quoted him at his home in Vitacura at six o'clock in the afternoon. Hermosilla's lawyer was also present. At the meeting, the uniformed man admitted that his subordinates had lied to him: he told the minister that one of the carabineros had damaged the memory card, forgiving himself of having a personal picture in it. Immediately, the Secretary of State called the prosecutor. Then, he sent an office with this background.

7:30 a night Temuco

The prosecutor decided to advance the second interrogation from the police involved. At their company came another lawyer from the institution, Cristin Inostroza. Ah, Sergeant Ral Vila admitted that he had damaged the video card with scissors.

8:30 a night Santiago Republican vice president calls subrogation minister Rodrigo Ubilla and says: "Everything changed, Maana we held a truthful press conference." In the office that Soto had sent to Minister Chadwick, he told how the initial version was disarmed.

Sunday, November 18 9:00 a.m.
Palace of Currencies

The government openly revealed the size of the withdrawal of the Karabineros forces and left evidence of fraud. La Araucana regional prosecutor Cristin Paredes appointed a new prosecutor to investigate the investigation case, Jorge Calderara, who is a member of the Human Rights Unit of the regional office.

Monday, November 19 10:00 hours

Radical Party Headquarters At the Progressive Convergence meeting on Monday, it was determined that the situation responsibility was from the Ministry of Home Affairs. However, stressed, in Mayol's responsibility: he was credited for saying that Catrillanca had a criminal record. In Chadwick's case, he chose to modify it.

At La Moneda, during the traditional political committee on Monday, Senator Andrs Allamand (RN) stressed: "Give a sheep to the wolf and it will go for more". He refers to Mayol's departure not to stop the opposition from going through Chadwick. In the Government there are still ideas to support the mayor. In Palacio they did not expect an onslaught from DC.

Tuesday 20 November. 12:00 p.m. at Valparaiso

In Congress, members of parliament from DC announced constitutional allegations to Mayol. Deputy Matas Walker spoke in parallel with Minister Prez to convey the determination to take the match. At La Moneda, the margin narrows. The accusation was calculated based on the votes of all the opposition for approval. After DC made its determination publicly, the Segpres minister, Gonzalo Blumel, asked Gabriel Silber's representative if, resigning Mayol, they would continue with the allegations. Silber said no.

9:00 am Currency

Chadwick, Prez and Ubilla met with President Piera, who had just returned from his trip abroad. The President said that the Government must contextualize its management at La Araucana. As requested to Ubilla subordinates. The idea was to show that the problem had not begun with Catrillanca's death and that the Government would take responsibility for the conflict.

In government circles, it was not realized that Minister Moreno did not participate in the meeting.

At 9 o'clock in the evening
Intendance from Temuco Luis Mayol announced that he was canceling the intendencia.

With his departure, parts of the opposition believe that the final action against Chadwick must stop for now: awaiting his appearance at the next interpelacin, on Tuesday, to determine the action program.

Next week is the key. It is hoped that expert reports are ready to determine whether the bullets that killed Catrillanca came from one of the Carabineros weapons and if there were weapons in common people's clothing. After this shipment, the Public Ministry can request the final formalization of the dismissed troops.

"This is an ordinary crime, and those affected are teachers who have suffered theft of their vehicles." LUIS MAYOL. NOVEMBER 14

They turned and started firing bullets at him. Camilo Catrillanca, when he realized that they fired bullets, told the boy to bow and he saw Camilo Catrillanca shot. "CONSUELO CONTRERAS, NOVEMBER 15

"If the Carabineros is attacked, he has the power to defend himself." MINISTER OF HEAD OF CECILIA. NOVEMBER 16

"There was no one on the patrol carrying the camera." HERMES SOTO, NOVEMBER 17

"Sergeant 2 Ral Vila Morales will not have the truth (…) S has a camera at the time of the procedure and a memory card will destroy it after the incident." HERMES SOTO. NOVEMBER 17

"A few moments ago I presented my resignation to President Sebastin Piera." LUIS MAYOL. NOVEMBER 20

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