Friday , December 4 2020

Coté López responds to harsh comments about her body – En Cancha

Model, The López side received harsh criticism in one of his Instagram photos. Therefore, the model does not remain silent in the face of harsh comments and comes out to respond to them with equal strength.

López’s post consists of a photo of him enjoying a day at the pool, in a two-piece swimsuit and resting in the sun.

The notes taken by his son received excellent comments from his followers but, as expected, a netizen could not stand it and left a misplaced comment which Luis Jiménez’s wife answered harshly.

“Is the tattoo to cover the caesarean scar or from the lipo?”, enter the user, to which López answered: “Alternative C, none of the above ”.

Then, in another comment, the model wanted to leave a longer message: “To do that is because you are really rotten on the inside. “Nothing they told him would change his feelings for me, he would look at me like he wanted to see me, period,” wrote Cote.

Check out the photo of López Beach under fire

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