Saturday , October 16 2021

Congress called the army commander to clarify the situation

For further Tuesday, November 27 Emergency call scheduled to the Chamber and Senate of the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, and Commander of the Armed Forces, Ricardo Martínez, To clarify the situation that was passed by the agency.

This week, the audio appointment was leaked with 900 officers at the Military School, where General Martinez admitted that officers from the agency had sold weapons to drug trafficking groups. He was also asked to protect with "teeth and teeth" a military pension system.

From the political sector, there are various reactions. Deputy and member of the National Defense Commission Room, Jaime Tohá (PS) not only do you have to curse.

"We politically cannot just condemn this situation and we must politically take it seriously and find a solution to this situation"

Meanwhile, his partner Marcelo Schilling (PS) He referred to a general statement about the pension system and said that "those words, as explained, were inspired by the purpose of inspiring certain commotion in military officers to take responsibility that they could not continue to commit and protect irregularities. I will keep the part of the glass half full"

UDI Deputy: Apology is not enough

From UDI, deputy Vlvaro Carter, also a member of the Defense Commission, "the apology offered by the commander is quite political, but in the sense that people do not. How can filing be known only by filtered recordings?"

"People in cities who know there are weapons of war will continue to suffer, and that brings the other side: Is the Carabineros ready to face this type of weapon? Very likely that"He asked.

Meanwhile, the union president, the senator Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, it lowers the profile to the situation and ensures that even though "it is not the best form that occurs, through leakage", maybe the general will send antecedents to the Public Ministry.

"No one can think that when you have a meeting with 800 people, no one will talk or will filter the background. I imagine that since he made the meeting, he intends to give a background to the Prosecutor's Office"he assured.

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