Thursday , October 21 2021

Computer experts declassify the new Carabineros lie after the murder of Camilo Catrillanca – Illustrated – Stay informed.


Recovering data contained in a memory card destroyed by the Carabineros, will be possible according to computer expert Hugo Galilee.

Galilee is a partner of Kepler, a company that has worked for 16 years recovering data from damaged devices. So, he told Dynamo, that only a small portion was needed to be able to access the information contained in damaged devices.

Mitra Kepler, the company that dedicated 16 years ago to recovering data from damaged digital devices and computer expertise, told El Dinamo that only a small portion was needed to access information.

"Inside the card there are several chips that make different functions, including, the chip that stores information. As long as the chip hasn't been destroyed, that information can be recovered," he said.

In addition, the computer added that "it can damage packages or some information connectors or chips that perform several other functions, such as USB connections to computers, etc. The important thing is that this information chip has not been destroyed."

"It's a matter of luck because it depends on whether the scissors pass through the chip that stores information. If I cut the card in half, maybe the chip is half and the scissors don't pass it," he said.

According to Hugo Galilea, "each card of various brands and information chip models is placed in various parts, at an angle, in the middle, depending. So, it's impossible to say that if you press a snip, the information is deleted, not".

It is important to point out that the GoPro camera, which is used by the Carabineros, is supported by a Micro SD card, which is similar to the SIM card that the cellphone carries.

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