Friday , October 22 2021

Colo Colo's women's team won a remarkable victory at the 2018 Copa Libertadores which took place in Manaus, Brazil, by winning 5-0 over JC Sport Girls of Peru, on the second date of Group B from the maximum continental contest.

The team led by Carlos Véliz solidified his victory with an extraordinary first half where he scored four goals. Karla Torres, Rosario Balmaceda, Nubiluz Rangel and Yessenia Huenteo said they were on the scoreboard.

With more calm, the Chilean team came out in the second half, taking care of their wide advantage on the scoreboard. And that's Karla Torres in 55 & 39, who punished a brilliant victory at the World Cup Arena in Amazonia.

It must be remembered that in his debut in the 2018 Copa Libertadores, Colo Colo suffered a difficult defeat after a strong 4-1 defeat against Santos. In his third match, Cacique had to face Deportivo ITA from Bolivia (26/11).

In this match Colo Colo will look for possible tickets to the semifinals. In the women's Libertadores, which is played in three groups of four teams each, advancing the winner of each table and the second best, giving the form to the four best phases.

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