Collahuasi presents a US $ 3.2 billion initiative and reaffirms the boom in mining projects


New announcements of investments in the country's large copper mining sector were made yesterday. This, after Minera Collahuasi – owned by Glencore, Anglo American and JCR and located in Tarapacá Region – announced that it initiated the environmental process of the operational sustainability project, "Infrastructure Development and Productive Capacity Enhancement", which would require an investment of US $ 3,200 in five year.

With this initiative, mining investments invested in environmental treatment accumulated around US $ 8,500 million this year, with a total of 92 projects. This, ignores initiatives that are rejected or failed to process.

This confirms, in addition, a new explosion in mining projects, considering this year approved by the board of each of the other two major initiatives that already have environmental permits: the development of Quebrada Blanca Phase 2, related to Teck Canada and Sumitomo Japan and it will cost around US $ 5,000 million – and the expansion of Los Pelambres, related to Antofagasta Minerals, the mining arm of the Luksic group, which will cost US $ 1,200 million.

In addition, other projects such as Rajo Inca (from Codelco, which requires an investment of US $ 1,000 million), Salares Norte (from Goldfield, US $ 1,000 million) and Proyecto Blanco, from Minera Salar Blanco (US $ 527 million) began processing their environment.

In connection with the project, the Doña Inés de Collahuasi mining company explained that the aim was to ensure the continuity of copper work operations for an estimated 20 years, increase sulfur mineral processing capacity by 170 thousand tons per day (ktpd) to 210 ktpd, expand and integrate environmental permits and consider complementary water supply sources, which implies a decrease in continental water use.

Therefore, the construction and operation of a seawater desalination plant is considered, along with the system to drive and transport the water that is being destroyed, the company said.

In terms of personnel, the construction of the project considers the recruitment of a maximum of 4,500 people under construction, and an average of 960 at that stage, while in operation, the figure reaches a maximum of 7,990 workers.

Good news In their government they enthusiastically took income from this project. This was stated by the Minister of Mining, Baldo Prokurica.

"In the final months of this year we have received good news for this sector. On the one hand, we are aware of Antofagasta Minerals' decision to approve the construction of the Minera Los Pelambres Complementary Infrastructure Project (INCO) and, second, the Teck company's determination to start the second phase of Quebrada Blanca mining project. For this initiative, today, we are adding revenue to environmental processing projects that expand Collahuasi's operations, which reflect the reactivation of mining investments in the country, "said the authority.


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